Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Grand Vermont

Well here he is! The new boy! 

Why Mic? Why did you need another horse? Oh wait you don't! 

As some of you may remember I rode this guy last year for a client of my horse trainers. Unfortunately this OTTB just wasn't a good match for a 13 y/o & 8 y/o first time horse owners. My horse trainer ended up selling them her two lesson horses; Argorn (the Oldenburg) and Czoey (the awesome 23 y/o mare I did my first dressage show with). They aren't frequent fliers at the barn so she is still able to use them as lesson horses and I also get a kick out of riding them a few times a week. 

Unfortunately, this left Vermont sitting. He went to a dressage barn last fall to be sold but just wasn't selling. He came back for the winter and sat. And sat. And with all my house sitting I was doing (at my horse trainers)I would spend time just snuggling his head after I fed. I felt bad to see him sit and when the ground unfroze I offered to ride him. At this point the owners were tired of paying board on 3 horses. I described him to my mom one afternoon after a ride and she was surprisingly really interested in riding him. 

Bad shoulder rubs from his ill-fitting blanket :( 
My mom used to show A circuit hunters in her 20's and 30's. She seemed to lose passion recently. I was shocked and so happy to see her interested in riding again. (She rides Ries a few times a year, not nearly enough!) She was so excited to ride and scheduled a lesson with him the day after she gets back from vacation (next Monday). 

So I said what the hell and offered to buy him for a steal of a deal and take him to live at my house with me. Hes going to be boarded at my horse trainers until my arena is fully enclosed at my house (hopefully coming home next month). 

Hes 12 y/o. a total sweetie, and overall a really fun ride (compared to when I first started riding him!) I'm excited to surprise my mom with "her" new horse next Monday. Lets hope she doesn't kill me (hehe). 


  1. Yay for Vermont, he will relish the loves!

  2. awww that is super sweet, I am glad your mom is excited to ride again!

  3. aw what a cool horse - sounds like a great situation too, i hope he and your mom have a ton of fun together!