Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Frozen Fingers

Yesterday I went out to the barn to drop off Riesling's SmartPaks and he would have been damned if I didn't give him cookies. I don't think there is anything better than your horse recognizing your car and when he hears you come into the barn he nickers.

I have yet to find any of my winter gloves that are in the dark depths of my trunk. But I couldn't just not take him out. So I let my fingers freeze and gave him a good pampering session.

I've been trying to grow out his tail since the day I got him over 6 years ago. When I got him it was to his hocks (sads). I've used a variety of methods at this point but I think I found one that works. I keep it heavily moisturized with EquiFuse serum and brush it every time I groom. I found that it keeps it tangle free and I lose way less hair than when I braided and bagged it.

Today I have a half day at work so that means riding time! Yay. Now if only I wasn't so grumpy this morning I forgot my breeches. Oops. Guess I'm going home after work and heading to the barn in the later afternoon.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tracking Progress

Sometimes life gets busy and I spend my time reminiscing about horse activities.

Lately, I have found every excuse to be at the barn (for good reasons). Coming "home" to the barn after so long was refreshing. I get back into my normal routine without skipping a beat.

The barn is my therapy. I can't dwell on anything negative while I am there. Immediately surrounded by my horse leaves me focused on something new. Life's little problems melt away and I'm instead taking control of my path.

Saturday Riesling started back in "work". Being at the barn with him made me want to take the extra time to put on matching polo wraps and make sure his coat was sparkling. I see a part of myself in him. And he shares his world with me.

I wasn't feeling up to riding but wanted to do more than groom so I figured a good lunge was in order. Just a light one to remind him that yes work is starting again and yes we are still partners.

I tossed on some side reins lightly adjusted just to give him a better sense of balance. Honestly, I wanted to cry tears of joy. My partner for the past six years knew what I wanted and put his head right in the game. I hadn't seen my horse worked on the ground in awhile. I forgot how I loved how he moved. We were fair to each other. He started in his "comfort zone" and after a few minutes I'd push him a little to move forward. We didn't work hard or long. It was a warm welcome back to the land of horses.

I am looking with brightness towards the future and can't wait to share with you all that life has to bring. I have decided that at this point it is not necessary to share the horrible two weeks I experienced. I can't dwell on the past and I've recovered.

Montana Adventures

This past weekend, my boyfriend, L, had a drill weekend in Montana. His parents live about 2 hours from his unit so he asked me if I wanted to join him and have a pre-thanksgiving dinner with them. I don't work weekends, so I figured why not!
Looked like something out of a tv show
These are my adventures of my first time in Montana. 
We drove up on Friday and stayed at a hotel in Livingston because of the large Montana Grizz vs Bobcats game being held in Bozeman. Livingston is a relatively small town and had a cute vibe to it. We ate dinner at Montana Rib & Chophouse the first night, because beef. When in Montana, eat all the meat. 

The next day he left for drill at 7 AM and I slept my little heart out. We brought his dog with us and she enjoyed the all day cuddle as well. Around lunch time I wandered into town (holy cold and wind) and had the best burger of my life. It was a bison burger (my first!). I watched the football game at the sports bar and then made my way back to the hotel. We had dinner that night at another steakhouse that was in the back of a bar/casino. It was awesome as well. 

My first cheesesteak
One of his friends had worked at a small theater (acting, not movies) in town and got us free tickets to a show. The musical was called Tom Foolery and it was hilarious. I recommend seeing it if it pops up around you. 

Hope is not lost!
Sunday I had to drive into Bozeman with him since we had to check out of our hotel sometime that morning. Left to my own devices I had breakfast downtown, drove around until Petco opened, dropped off the pooch for a bath, and looked for tack stores. 
Fancy boots
The first store I went to was a huge disappointment. It looked like the walmart of horse stores but their english section consisted of winter riding gloves and two half chaps. Womp womp. 
Baby sized blankets!
The next store I went to was more exciting. I wanted it all. Their sale section sucked. Only 20% off. And their consignment section was pricey so I left with nothing. But I wanted it all. 
Mm Leather
I picked the dog back up and picked up L from his unit and we drove to Billings to meet his parents! And after a ten hour drive yesterday, I am finally back home.

Winter collection

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Silver Linings

Life has been coasting at a pleasant level for a few days now. My immediate reaction is to prepare for something bad to happen. But I'm trying to ignore that feeling.

Anyways, yesterday was a great day. Why? Riesling had his "annual" lameness exam/flexion test. A little background; last summer, Riesling had what we thought was an abscess. I took him to the local vet hospital for x-rays. While I was there I figured I mine as well do a lameness exam just to see how Riesling is doing at 12 years old. I hadn't had any extensive vetting done when I bought him so I figured why not.

I felt awful after that flexion test. He basically looked crippled. I thought our lives were over. Riesling got two sets of injections in each hock and we were sent on our way (abscess free too!). Since then, I have put Riesling on the best joint supplements I could find (and afford). Currently, he is on Exceed 6 Way and I couldn't be happier.

After putting it off for over a year, Riesling had another lameness evaluation done. At the vet hospital last year, I was told he could probably last more than 6 months without injections and would need them again in one year. Well I procrastinate everything and life happens.

Yesterday was our annual shot clinic at the ranch so I called and asked if Riesling could have a flexion test as well as he might require injections. The vet evaluated him, and I could feel as I trotted Riesling out after his flexion test that he didn't particularly enjoy it, but he was sound!

I couldn't be happier with how Riesling is doing. I'm not sure whether it was his recent time off that helped, or the supplements. I like to think my $82 a month smartpaks are keeping him happy, but I'll take what I can get.

Now we are ready to take on this winter and get back in shape to start seriously schooling 1st Level!

PS I apologize for the lack of interesting media. I'll work on it. Psst Muskateers?

Friday, November 13, 2015


I rediscovered this beautiful piece, by Loreice, the other day. It reminds me of Lauren @ SheMovedToTexas and Sprinkler Bandit. 

Just wanted to share how blessed I feel to have won this from you, Lauren, and how big of an impact it is making in my life right now.

Feel the spirit of the wild horse. Be courageous. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The only pants to wear in winter

I'm fighting through this y'all. Knowing what you have shared on your blogs when you have had hard times reminds me Im not alone. I truely truely appreciate all of your support and it means the world to me.

A not-super-sads post was in store for today. The only pants you should wear all winter. If you have to wear pants. And its not antartica. 

Ariat tek winter riding breeches full seat

These sons of bitches are the holy grail for winter. Winter riding breeches. Thin, yet warm as hell. Look like leggings. Wear them with anything! 

Seriously you'll be lookin all fierce and everyone will be like "how she wearin leggings when its so cold outside?". Because these are magical. And they dont get stupidly hot inside either.

No other words of wisdom for today. Just stock up on these bad boys. Or wear the same pair a few days in a row (if you aren't riding). I won't tell. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Life. How do you deal with it? I manage to get some courage through the tough parts and when I think I have a grip on reality it all crumbles through my fingers.

When life keeps bringing you down in big ways how do you cope? How do you get rid of that nagging feeling when something good finally happens that something worse is coming?

I thought I made it out of the storm, when in reality I didnt. Im trying to keep faith and remain positive. Im struggling. 

Hug those you love and cherish everything beautiful life gives you.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


On Sunday I turned 20. Im no longer a teenager and adulthood gave me a big wake up call.

Ill begin a series of posts about what my life was the past few months, but that isn't what today is about.

I always wanted to blog for me. To reflect. Validate my feelings and tell my stories. Ideally, someone would find them entertaining or relateable. If not, thats ok.

I had a great set of supporters on here and I truely miss them dearly. I fee like I have so much to say and no where to begin so Ill just make a list of the 20 thoughts Ive had after turning 20.

1. Life is what you make it. Shit gets thrown your way and its up to you to decide how to respond.

2. Having a mental illness makes life difficult but you have to accept it and find ways to get through it.

3. Ultimately, you are responsible for yourself and your own happiness. 

4. Great friends help you get through life. However you need to learn when a friendship is only about them. 

5. Dont forget about those friends that have seemed to fade away. Make effort into every relationship.

6. If you want it, you have to make it happen yourself.

7. You know what is good for you. Do it, but admit when you made a mistake.

8. My life will always be on the back of a horse.

9. Everything happens for a reason.

10. Credit card debt is a fact of life. Don't rely on it or use it for stupid things. 

11. Your mental health comes first, but dont be fooled into letting it control you.

12. You live with your consequences.

13. Take the risk, it either works out or you learn a good lesson.

14. You can't predict everything. Don't dwell on the past.

15. Find beauty in everyday things.

16. Karma exists. Do everything good you can.

17. You can't make everyone happy. You can only make yourself happy.

18. Make the most of everyday.

19. Sleep is important, but you really dont need 12 hours every night.

20. Being an adult sucks. But Ive made it this far so lets keep on truckin.