Sunday, March 27, 2016



My blog is boring lately. Sorry. This isn't a pony post.

Because it's the weekend I feel like I can do this. Let's talk about cheese.

A few nights ago I wanted cheese with my wine. And the dumb cheeseplates are overpriced. So I was annoying and went to the deli section of my grocery store and got a few slices of 6 different cheeses.

6. Cheeses. Yum.

I stuck with my tride and true for the first three. Pepperjack, sharp cheddar, and provolone.

The new cheeses the girl behind the counter had me try were baby swiss, dill havarti, and garlic cheddar.

You guys. Garlic cheddar is life changing.

I just love cheese so I love them all but if I had to rate them I would do so as follows:

1. Sharp Cheddar
2. Garlic Cheddar
3. Dill Havarti
4. Pepper Jack
5. Provolone
6. Baby Swiss

This post is probably boring to everyone, but what is your favorite cheese? 


  1. Dill Havarti is the shiz and I'm lactose intolerant lol. I used to love Pepper Jack too but turns out I'm allergic to jalapenos.

  2. Cheese is my favorite food :) Grocery store faves: sharp cheddar, followed by jalapeno havarti. But there is a local lady who makes a smoked gouda and it's AMAZING and I could eat it every day.

  3. I love cheese so much. I want to live on beer and manchego.

  4. I love cheese so much. I want to live on beer and manchego.

  5. omg I love cheese. I received a subscription to a cheese of the month club for my birthday one year (best present EVER), which expanded my cheese horizons! my local grocery store has a pretty decent selection, so if I am putting together a plate, it is usually smoked gouda, double gloucester (which is a lot like cheddar), brie, and emmental (like swiss cheese but better). But sometimes I just buy a block of extra sharp cheddar and eat it like there's no tomorrow.

    1. Cheese of the month club? Must do! Brie for me- hands down.

  6. There are very few cheeses that I don't love. I'll have to try the garlic cheddar. My favorite is Gruyere. It's fantastic!

  7. i mean.... i pretty much love cheese too haha - esp the soft cheeses, like bries and blues (the zestier the better!)

  8. Garlic cheddar sounds SO GOOD. I think though that Gouda is my favorite cheese.