Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Micaylah in Paint Land

Lolz I couldn't pass up the opportunity SprinklerBandit presented of drawing myself in paint. Therefore, behold, me and Riesypie in paint!
Starting with me. From the top, you'll notice my hair in a bun. Because I hate doing my hair now that it is long. There is also a pretty bow because I'm in a sorority, TSM. My right eye is multi-colored and also loves to fixate on my horses beautiful mane while I am riding. I have the worlds longest torso, which means no low rise and no crop-tops (although, admittedly, I've worn them before). I am also wearing a VS t-shirt because I can't escape the comfort. Lol. Oh and I have boobs because(besides obvious reasons) I always forget to wear a sports bra. I normally go straight to the barn after school and I'm not down to rock the sports bra in my college classes with some hot guys. Ya know?
Oh and then there is my hands. My fingers refuse to stay closed. Perma-open. You know, incase my horse decides he reaaally needs the reins, apparently I won't stop him. Oops. There is also bubble-butt, which is hard to tell from the picture. But yes, biggest butt and I cannot lie. But it makes sitting on a hard saddle better, or falling off. 
Uhh what else is there? Oh yeah there is also my giant calves. The ones that require wide tall boots when I SERIOUSLY AM NOT THAT WIDE. Like, the hell? Ergh. Gunna start a campaign one day called "Real Riders Have CALVES!" I believe that is the extent of my anatomy. Now to move on to my glorious mount, Riesling.

Glorious Riesy Beefcakes. His head is cute as a button. He has almost no forelock. He has the beefiest necks of all the beefy necks. He is also super spotty. I joke that he is purple. He has super mega long lengs, because thoroughbred. Oh and also the worst thoroughbred feet. He had to get lifts put on. Diva. Oh and of course the WORLDS LONGEST BACK EVAR. Takes forever for him to warm up his back. His natural pose is always one hind leg resting. Oh and he has the world's saddest tail. Its really depressing. We try really hard to make it not suck. He likes when I have a long tailbag on him because then he can slap me with it when I'm behind him. He loves that game.

And that, my friends, is me and Riesy in MS paint. I was too lazy to draw arrows and write with the paintbrush. So therefore I typed it out.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Micaylah Land

So uh. Not much new going on in Micaylah land (that I will chose to talk about :p) I definitely havent been horse shopping like cray since my saddle is now with SB.

Yesterday I had a nice quick ride on Ries. He has been super putzy and it was bugging me. Also my leg position has been super frustrating. So we pretty much walked. And walked. And I worked really hard on concreting my position. 

I am a firm believer that 9 times outta 10 if my horse isnt doing what Im asking its because of me asking wrong. So at my last lesson CJ reminded me that Ries was probably refusing to go forward because 1) my rein contact was too heavy and 2) my legs were moving so much he didnt know when I was asking to go forward and when my leg just was sucking lol

So first day after my lesson I rode with super loose reins. And worked on my legs. He seemed mildly improved and I figured he was probably still stiff/sore. Fast forward to yesterday. He was a little putzy warming up, and then his mild spook instilled some energy into our ride. 

I thought to myself: "Ries if you have energy to spook, you have energy to move forward".

So I adjusted my seat and leg amd BAM forward trot. I tried not to interfere with my hands too much amd kept my leg silent. Everytime we slowed down I put on leg and it was like a firecracker went off! Wee! Then my leg fell silent and we were left with a glorious tempo. He offered to stretch his neck and bend and I smiled with joy.

My easy going, ready to please horse was finally back! 

Canter transitions werent the best, but they werent bad either. Pretty average.  He even offered a long and low canter. We had a few mild spooks but otherwise he was so relaxed! 

I threw him on a loose rein and gave him a big pat. I couldnt stop smiling. We have speakers in the indoor and Mean To Me by Brett Eldredge came on the radio and I serenaded to crap outta my horse. It was mushy and delightful. RedHeadLins happened to stop by as well and took a fabulous pic of us. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bling on Bling

Bling on bling action
Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. I am tiiirred. Last night's lesson consisted of trotting circles and doing figures. I suck at knowing where the letters are, so this was especially challenging for me. I definitely got to the point on my lesson where I didn't know which way was left. But I had SB there and she took pics AND videos! Yee-haw! First, some pics.

Ries taking direction from CJ
So tired. Need a full neck cooler lol

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Burgundy Pants

Wow. I suck at creative post titles. Anyways, CJ was sick yesterday so lesson is tonight! Woo! I hopped on Riesy and he gave me way less of a middle finger. Kept it simple since we have a lesson today. There was some jerk that hauled in to use the indoor and was just an overall asshole. At one point he did a sliding stop (a shitty one) right in front of me walking Riesy on a loose rein. I was about to beat him with my dressage whip. But anyways, ride was still good and we managed some decent pics. One was on one phone and some are on yhe other so thats why they look diff lol

Yay pony! We should have pics tonight from the lesson :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Red Pants

Eep. Interesting ride. ReadHeadLins rode too so check out her blog for more pics!

The theme for today: loose calves&sitting on the cantle and for Riesy it was be pissy and cold backed and make Micaylah's legs burn. It was great. Really. /sarcasm

We did manage to snap some pics that were decent after a looooong warm up. My horse gave me the middle finger for fifteen minutes. 

Once I got to a satisfied point, I let RedHeadLins hop on. She didnt get the middle finger and he was actually quite loose. 

We have a lesson tomorrow. Should be interesting. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


First thing first.  Get shit done in a reasonable amount of time. But for reals, here is my list.

1. Ride more
2. Keep better care of my tack
3. Jump regularly again
4. Show atleast once
5. Stop buying all the things (lol jk)
6. Eat better
7. Follow more routines
8.  Better posture
9.  Take more "me time"
10. Use my planner regularly
Short, sweet and to the point. This post is merely to hold myself accountable this year.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Da giant spaz part 2

I has no pics. My bad. Yesterday I was asked to do barn chores and it wasnt my normal day (aka not planning on heading to the barn) so after I finished, I determined it was acceptable to throw Ries on da lunge again to get rid of spaziness for today's ride. I decided if he was good and not fresh, Id call it short and let him return to his dinner.

Boy was he sassy! Much buck, rear, dolphin cantering. We lunged for a solid thirty minutes (it was his choice, not mine!) and once he settled he let out a large snort and took a roll. Im hoping that was all his shenanigans leaving his body. Time will tell today. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Riesy da giant spaz

Well that was interesting. The bridle was a size 1 (only size it came in) and while the headstall fit great, the reins were mega short. The reins themselves are thin and skinny(still good quality). Not a good day for Riesy to be a spaz.

SprinklerBandits couldnt play ponies, Hollybully is on vacay and same is RedHeadlins. So therefore, no poney pics.

Snapshot of our ride: 

tacking up, I could tell he was spazy. Dats ok.

Got on, noticed reins were so short omg. Proceeded with ride anyways.

Long and low trots to warm up, he was super. My eq would have made yall laigh. I had to lean forward and throw my hands forward just to give him enough rein. Lolz. 

Working trot he started getting full of himself. Two spooks. Worried I was gunna have to break in the onek, and died on the inside. He was ok though. 

Moved into canter, he was a little short, but not bad. Then I changed directions. Then Ries dolphin jumped for half a lap. I finally calmed him down to a decent canter for half a lap and called it good.

Downward to working trot, he was stiff and full of himself. Wanted to be a silly goose so I threw him on a loose rein walk.

Decided it had been a productive day, and took pics. 

He was throwing his head so much that his bonnet got lopsided. He said he wanted it that way.

First impression of the bridle: I think Riesy felt naked in his head region. I dont think he disliked it, I think he was just confused. LOVED the crown. I also prefer how the cavason fits over my other bridle. Overall love the leather and cant wait to break it in. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I finally rode again!

EDIT: This was supposed to be posted on like the first if January but never published for whatever reason.

And am super behind on my blogging schedule. Hopefully later today I will get around to posting my goals. Whoops. Better late than never?

Anyways, another friend was in town and wanted to ride my boy. I wanted to break in my new breeches so I said eff it to my hand and hopped on! Yayy! Im a little embarassed about how we look, but my friend made him look dashing! Photo dump! 

First I took pics of the lesson at CJ (trainer)s barn. 

And now on to my barn! I rode first

Can we talk about his neck for a second? (And not my awful eq?) I cant wait to see what we look like in spring.