Thursday, March 17, 2016

The scary land of saddle fit

I know I'm not alone when I say that everyone hates trying to find a new saddle (well maybe not if your horse is a magical unicorn that is easy to fit). As you know, I came to the conclusion that my saddle was not working anymore. I didn't expect this to mean that my jump saddle also isn't fitting. 

Cue panic. About a week ago I had out a local fitter to try on a whole bunch of different dressage saddles she had on hand. I forgot to take pictures of the saddles but I believe I ended up riding in about ten. Ries was not happy with this. I was left feeling like I had no idea what I even wanted in a saddle anymore. What I did know was that I needed something that :

1. Had a medium wide/wide tree
2. Had a "scoopy" shaped tree
3. 18" seat 
4. Flock-able

And I was a rather large fan of buffalo leather. 

I was able to get a Custom Saddlery Icon Star in from a fitter who was cruising through. It was alright but not my favorite. After my last Custom however, I am a little partial. I texted her pictures and expressed my concerns and she thought she had a better alternative back at her house in Washington and agreed to ship it to me. 

In the meantime, Ries was a giant asshole to ride or even lunge. I was feeling extremely discouraged


I also took a visit to the local fitter's workshop. This was an event in itself! She explained a lot about saddles to me and was extremely helpful in my overall knowledge about them. I sat in a bunch of saddles to try and figure out what I liked. This later proved to be helpful with the fitter came back out to check out my jump saddle (because I'm paranoid) and we agreed it wasn't working.

One new saddle is something I can swing. Two, no. Hoping I can get my financials in order to be able to get one here soon. Super bummed about this because I had a jump lesson (finally!) scheduled for the weekend. 

The second Custom saddle got shipped earlier in the week and I'm in love. It seems to fit Riesling well (the fitter is looking at it this afternoon). Yesterday I had my trainer out to get her opinion of it. Let me just tell you, that was the BEST ride I've had on Ries in months. He was relaxed, listening, forward, and on the bit. There were no tantrums and my trainer and I basically were speechless. I'm thinking that means Ries likes this saddle but one more opinion can't hurt. 


  1. Saddle shopping is scary... I am not looking forward to possibly saddle shopping for Houston.

  2. oooh that workshop looks awesome! i'd love to get to see the inner-workings of our local saddler's shop haha. good luck with the fitting appt!

  3. Saddle shopping is SO hard. Keeping my fingers crossed that you've found one!! It is quite pretty...

  4. Thanks to blogging I realize how lucky I was with Carlos and my saddle :(