Sunday, November 30, 2014

Riding Time!

Yesterday I got HollyBully and SprinklerBandit to come out and take photos of my ride! We also went and saw Courage and played with him. Riesling was a little stiff and just overall not his usual self. I pushed him, but I didn't do anything too hard on him. Mostly lots of trotting and long and low. He still put in a lot of effort, but I had to really push him to move forward. I'll hop on him today and see how he is. But without further ado, photo drop!

Why hullo there

All smiles when I ride this guy

Our long and low was not so long and low

Notice my lower leg trying so hard to move him forward

So majestic

I have chicken wing arms

I know I still have a lot to work on, and I'm hoping he will be more loosey goosey today. Then SprinklerBandit hoped on. I'm sure she will have pictures on her blog!

Now to some really awful eq pictures on Courage! I haven't been in a jump saddle for awhile and this was my first time riding courage so I mostly just tried not to interfere.
"Oh gosh this is so weird, he's so narrow!"

Gotta keep my chicken arms consistent *headdesk*

He was good at tolerating my awful eq

"Here Courage you just take all the reins you need" aka me failing at keeping my arms in a 90 degree angle.
Me thinks I need to get my jump saddle out and practice some eq.. embarrassing much (But C looks so cute so I had to include the pics) !

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My horse forgot how to horse

Ugh. Thoroughbreds. So the past few days Riesling hasn't been quite himself. It got cold all of a sudden and he got locked into his box stall rather than having his full box stall and run because of the wicked ice/mud. Basically, he stopped eating as much. Normally this is a huge red flag, but hes finally fat, for once, so I didn't think much of it. (Also he has been quite fantastic under saddle.)

Because he has been inside his stall so much and doesn't get his usual turnout into the big arena twice a day (its underwater) he has stalked up. So last night I decided to wrap his legs. I came out this morning around 9 and his feeder was full to the brim. They get fed around 5:30AM. His feeder normally gets about half full per feeding and he empties it. Everyone has been gradually giving him less and less hay because he isn't eating as much. Ok something had to be wrong.

I took off his wraps and put him in the indoor for some turnout. He rolled and just meandered around. No big deal. But as I was walking him back to his stall he stopped at a wee little creek and started drinking. And he drank it dry. That was weird. I check his waterer to make sure it is running and it is working fine. Nice and clean and full of water.

This evening I decided to throw him in the outdoor because he only barely touched his breakfast since I had been there in the morning. I figured seeing his horsey friends in the pasture will make him happy. He said hi to his friends and then stopped at the giant pond in the arena and just drank. And drank. And drank. I put a bucket of fresh water in his stall (because apparently the auto isn't up to par) and brought him back in and he cleaned out the bucket, then proceed to happily munch on his hay that he hadn't seemed to touch in days.

What the hell is wrong with my horse.

The  BO is going to take a look at the waterer in the AM to see if he can find anything funny about it that my horse suddenly dislikes. Any suggestions?

Monday, November 24, 2014

The awesomest shirt (that I can afford) evaaarr!

So on my birthday shopping extravaganza I decided to buy some Noble Outfitters. It is really inexpensive and awesome sauce. I want to specifically talk about the Mariah shirt.
Photo from Noble Outfitters
These shirts are around $25 which puts them at way less expensive than Kerrits. The material is like an athletic shirt. The cuffs have thumb holes which have pros and cons. They keep your palm warm but I don't know if it is the design or if it is just me, but after wearing them for awhile they rub  in between my thumb and index finger and its mildly uncomfortable.

The fabric is fantastic though. It keeps me plenty warm and works great as a layer. It is thin but it wicks moisture. For riding you don't feel sweaty afterwords. You don't get wet after working in lots of layers either. It also has sun protection for the summer so they are multi-season! Today it was around 40 degrees and I wore just this shirt and a vest (also by Noble). When it was 10 degrees I wore this under a jacket and either a down jacket or my 3-1 Joules jacket (fleece inside with removable shell). It is super comfortable. Like I definitely slept in this shirt and wore it daily for a solid week. I only took it off to wash it. And I just got two more. Because I want them all. All the Noble things. I can update about quality in the spring, because these shirts will be all that I wear.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter Photos!

So I'll start off by saying I'm super lazy and don't feel like editing them and making them all cute. Mostly because I know longer own PS and hate the cheapy free version. Not they really need much editing by any means, but they weren't taken with a super duper awesome camera so they aren't naturally perfect. Methinks I need A to take pics of me with her skillage.

So alas, PHOTO DUMP!
Calvin decided he wanted pics too

Hes just straight chillin up there


I wants to eat it!

Riesy is like WTF is on you??!

I can haz?

He bows


And now I eat your face mwahaha

Ugh stop kissing me human

Calvin is sliding off lol

Bler I'm tired of looking cute

Whew. I hope you made it through that. Cute pics I know. Hopefully we will have riding pics tomorrow!