Thursday, March 24, 2016

Man Boob Update

The left was last weekend. The right was yesterday. Hard to tell because the one on the left was wet. Oops. Still I see a slight improvement? I called the vet on Tuesday because I have no self control and he suggested bute for 3-5 days and if he didn't improve to have him out. It doesn't seem like he is seriously hurting..just annoyingly not 100%

I noticed a HUGE improvement yesterday when I took Ries out of his stall. He looked almost normal walking on the concrete and took off running once I got him in turnout. He is absolutely loving the cold pack massages and hand walking. He chews and sighs a lot. I believe the pulled muscle is indeed what we have here? 

Tomorrow starts the Monty weekend and hopefully Ries will be under saddle this weekend too! Yippee!
They love eachother


  1. ugh poor Reis... it does look improved tho, glad to hear he's feeling better too!

  2. What is with the mystery lamenesses lately? Glad to hear it's been figured out a bit/is improving!

  3. Glad your boy is feeling better :) That last pic is adorable.

  4. Glad he's starting to feel better!