Monday, September 17, 2018

Les Bois Dressage I & II

After having done the show a few weeks prior, I was feeling overall pretty excited to compete again, especially because it was at the same facility. I had a slight worry that the last time had been a hoax but overall I knew that it would go well. Les Bois Dressage was pretty much a repeat of Boise River minus the ridiculously generous judge. I was only able to do one test each day, (T-3), so it was pretty low key. My goal was to just have another productive show and get some nice higher scores for Training level.

Because my braids looked so horrendous last time I did something very sinful. I didn’t have the time or energy to pull, so I shaved the underside of E’s mane. It worked out surprisingly well and I would only recommend it if you aren’t planning on having a full show season and your mane resembles that of a draft horse (E is half shire). If I show E next year I will definitely hire someone to pull her mane in spring and just maintain it throughout the year.

Overall I thought my scores for this show were very fair and Saturday received a 66+% (a little low IMO) and Sunday a 72+%. The show was incredibly laid back and fun and I wish I could have been in the running for a champion ribbon! 

Friday, September 14, 2018


Lately I've been noticing I have had a hard time reading things that are far away. I didn't think much of it and assumed it was at a normal distance to not see. I always kind of joked about things being blurry. One day in class my coworker (I share a class with two coworkers!) asked if I could read a sign across the classroom. I kind of looked at him and laughed, fully believing now one could really read the sign that well. My other coworker looked at me funny and told me to try on her glasses as normally she couldn't read it either. I didn't expect to notice a huge difference but immediate could READ. What?!?

I don't think I've had an eye exam since middle school and quite frankly never thought I needed one. But that day after I left class, I called the eye doctor and set up an appointment. Sure enough I could use some plastic in front of my eyes. I couldn't get over he trial glasses and kept laughing like a child every time I took them on and off. Sure enough, I had the same response when I got my glasses for real.

So, teach me blogland, what do I do now? Ride with glasses or without? Try to transition to contacts even though I have a fear of poking my eyeball? I couldn't even go 6 hours without scratching them as I thought I was super smart when using paper towels to dry them off *facepalm*