Tuesday, February 20, 2018

90 Degrees Right

SPAIN 2010 185 

I made a major life change lately. I really haven't had a real job since I quit my receptionist job for my stepdad back in May of last year.

I took the time to really focus on school and took two summer classes. My main income came from Mr. Visa and house sitting.

I am in an insane amount of credit card debt from that stint. I don't necessarily regret my choice, because lord knows I need to graduate so bad. But my plans to work on a business with my horse trainer hasn't really panned out yet. As much as I also enjoyed house sitting when I just rented a room in a shared house, living and managing a ten acre property and 5-10 of my horse trainer's retirees made house sitting for her and the boarders at her house extremely stressful and time consuming.

So after 8 months of being without a direct deposit, I have a job again. I'm no longer house sitting. I am working in the finance industry and hoping that when I graduate I can move up in the organization. Last week was my first week and a major struggle for my time management. Before I started working I was already struggling with the whole full time school and horses bit. But I tend to thrive on a busy schedule and really need the income so I'm going to make it work. Also, killing the house sitting time commitment and time spent driving back and forth in my car reduces a lot of stress and frees up part of my schedule.

I'm excited and nervous. I'm not going to be a 100% engaged student anymore, but really I don't need A's, I need a diploma. So cheers to life changes and putting in the work to get shit done.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Horse Show Prep

Donna the Dodge now has a new friend, Carl the Camper

No, I have not in fact been riding my horses. :| 

But, Bf and I recently acquired this sweet truck bed camper! There isn't water or a bathroom but the bed area is pretty decent (6" less than a full..not big by any means) and it is pretty roomy inside! 

$500 later and I won't have to have a hotel ever again (even if I may want to haha). We actually decided to find something like this because our local country music festival is coming up and we didn't want to tent camp on the venue. We figured we would just rent a camp trailer but at $100+ a night we thought we might see what we could find. Because our truck is a long bed (8 ft), and most teeny camper trailers are 13 ft, we figured we'd save the hitch to pull a trailer and just get a tuck bed camper. 

We have some cosmetic updates to make and hopefully will be installing an air conditioning unit on the roof but for the time being I'm pretty stoked with how solid this is. 

Any ideas for what to keep stocked 24/7 in this bad boy? I'm thinking first aid, some cook wear, and emergency clothes.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Jan Review/Feb Goals

Behind on posts, behind on life. I'm only human, just have to work harder.

January Review

Fitness- Worked out all of twice. Yoga once. Womp womp. Better than 0?

Horses- Snuggled with them. Arena should be started this week. Then time to kick ass.

Financial- Got a job! Start Monday. This breaks my 7 month hiatus without one. My poor credit cards.

Mental- 8 days where I did full self care. Progress.

February Goals 

Fitness- Work out 6 times! Make it to the gym at least once. Prioritize 10k steps a day.

Horses- Ride all of my horses at least twice. Get started on Z's groundwork.

Financial- Buy hay, use leftover money for credit cards. Avoid buying anything new.

Mental- Do one week straight of daily self care. Read a book (that isn't a text book). Color.

Minor goals, but baby steps are progress towards huge leaps.

Friday, February 2, 2018

2018 Goals

Image result for sunset with horse 

My word for the year is Bloom. In an effort to stay on track, I'm going to do monthly goals. But they are all going to revolve around three major points. 

1. Graduate

2. Show

3. Get healthy again

The first two are kind of self-explanatory. But the last one has a lot of meaning. I want to be healthy mentally, physically, and financially. We all grow and change as the years progress, sometimes in the way we want and sometimes not. It is important to recognize that every day the world around us shapes who we are. I am able to be apart of that process and not just let the world do whatever it pleases with me. I'm going to take the world around me as opportunities to thrive. 

I'm going to be deliberate with my actions to become who I want to be and where I want to be. What is guiding you this year?