Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Baby Horse Agenda

I don't know how she puts up with me

Rosie will be two next year and although I intend to send her to a professional for a month in the spring, tell me, what kind of things would you want your baby horse to know by 2? So far we can: be caught, lead, kind of tie, pretend to cross tie, groom, go over tarps, wear shavings bags, tolerate much abuse via bear hugs and squeals of delight.

Now that we are in winter my time at the barn is unfortunately limited to weekends but I still feel like we can get a lot accomplished over the winter. After having "seasoned" horses I can kind of forget what things I need to teach.

Does not care about boy shenanigans 


  1. I would add in some lunging understanding as well as understanding of giving to pressure and baby baby ground driving. Practice wearing a bit and surcingle. Learn how to stand still at a mounting block and be fussed with. Learn how to move over toward the human on the mounting block!

  2. How about some exposure to care/treatments. I am really struggling right now with a young horse who came to me not at all okay with spray sounds, syringes, hoof boots/wraps, bandages, topical lotions/ointments, or foot soaking. I discovered ALL of this at the moment he needed those treatments. I wish someone would have exposed him to these things earlier in his education.

  3. Honestly - she knows everything I wish my baby horse knew at 2. But yeah exposure to stuff but a lot of that can happen at 3 when she goes and learns to ground drive and lunge.