Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Goings on.

I know, I know my blog has been kind of off the radar and super depressing and boring lately. But that is kind of how my life is going. My semester is starting to wrap up and mentally I'm getting back to a new normal.  

I'm staying in my once a week jump lessons and those have been going well. I haven't been riding my own horses like at all. They still get plenty of love and attention and get turned out all the time though-don't worry. But now that I'm slowly getting to a better place mentally I can bring my horses back into the mix and really work hard on my riding goals. 

As I'm sure you all saw (because I went with L and shes way better than I am and already posted) I went to the Friday of Breeder's Cup. That was super fun and I want to get more involved in spectating large equestrian events. 

Other large things that have been happening is that I'm now 2 weekends in to the USDF "L" program. If you have even a chance to audit I would highly recommend it. I'm not fooling anyone by saying I'm an active candidate to graduate (have to have 3 scores at 3rd level) but the first half of the program is "good" for 5 years so it is a major goal of mine to graduate entirely from the program. I have access to some really nicely trained horses so this isn't too far of a stretch if I work really hard on getting riding in whenever possible. 

My goals for the rest of the year include catching up on reading blogs (I'm refusing to skip ahead because I'm no cheater lol), catching up on writing my own posts, and getting back into regular riding. Winter is coming and I'm refusing to let the threat of bad weather to ruin my chances of riding.


  1. It was fun hanging out with you at the races!

  2. Even just the first rain has ruined my ability to get out of bed....

  3. Take your time! Your ponies will be there when you're ready.

  4. Get your head where it needs to be. Everything else will fall into place.

  5. glad things are going well with you, and good luck with the rest of your goals! if i could be permitted one piece of advice: there's nothing of "cheating" in skipping ahead to current times in the blogs you love to follow. it's great to feel "caught up" but you're missing moments you might care about. today you commented on my triumphant post about schooling cross country 3 months ago. but i read your comment as someone who's been rehabbing my horse from surgery for the past month. i really appreciate that you read and comment, tho your kind words would have a stronger impact in real time!