Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fire Storm

Mac should be in a Pantene commercial

Well yesterday was a whirlwind. Just as I got home I got a call from my horse trainer who is out of town that there was a fire behind the hill at her house. She asked if I could go check her place to make sure everything was ok (there is another student staying there because I'm on a little break). 

So of course I drove out there. It really reminded me of that July 10 Questions blog hop going around about the barn fire. I was praying the fire wasn't too big of a threat because I wasn't ready to face that sort of thing for real yet. My goal when getting there was to see how far the fire was away, what direction it was going, and collect ponies from the hillside. 
Dakota thought I was hiding cookies in my hair

There is nothing more lovely to be doing than convincing a horse to follow his friend when its over 100 outside and hes pretty sure the hot wire is still up. Mac is a crazy semi-feral pony that loves to run through fences, which is why he was retired. He isn't handled at all anymore and is just the companion to Dakota, the retiree. He must have given up his guilty pleasure because no matter how many times I walked Dakota back and forth through the opening in the fence he was pretty sure he'd get zapped. When he's at my house I can easily get them in the paddock and catch him with little issues, but with so much room to run he took that option. 

Finally after about 45 minutes we got him out and to the barn area. Dakota happily marched into the pen and we were hoping Mac would follow him, but instead mac ran around the property wondering why he couldn't get to his friend. It was a little easier to convince him to get in the stall and this time only took about 15 minutes. Poor guy worked himself all up. 

I finally arrived home at around 9 PM and took care of the animals there. My questionably pregnant cat had been missing all day and I was getting worried. I looked everywhere and couldn't find her. I gave up and she wandered into the bathroom when I was getting ready for bed. She looked slightly skinnier and had a wet bottom. I followed her to the kitchen where there was a wet pink fabric thing on the floor..I examined it and determined it was one of those ribbon hair ties. I was guessing she must have puked it up and sat in her watery mess?? Maybe it was the hairtie that made her look so bloated?

I sat with her on the floor of the kitchen a little longer and she finally wandered into the guest room, and under the bed. I shined a flashlight under there and saw a black blob in the corner under the bed. It wasn't moving so I guessed it was either socks or stillborn kittens. I moved the mattress (the bed frame is a log bed and NOT moving with just me) and reached under..and they were kittens and alive! I transferred them to a hamper with towels and set up camp for momma Nala. There are five kittens. They were all nursing last night! This morning momma moved her kittens again and it was the spay appt for her less of a hussy sister so I didn't get a chance to locate them and you better but I'll be worried about it all day!

I poured myself a giant glass of wine, drank it down, and passed out. What a night. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Field Trips and Back Flips

Saturday morning I finally took the much anticipated adventure to J's place in Oregon. She owns the cute little bay yearling at my house and works with CJ a lot. She breeds and has consignment and project horses. Because I want to get as much experience as I can, I plan to be her "working student". This field trip was to see her place and talk about our goals for the future. I hopped on one of her personal seasoned horses to show her I am a competent rider.

The mare hadn't been legged up in awhile and while she was a little antsy, I certainly knew she wasn't a greenie and could behave. I hopped on and began adjusting my stirrups to something between hunter hack and dressage (I can't seamless cross over between the disciplines yet). As I was almost finished adjusting the mare whipped her head around (maybe to bite at a fly?) and whacked my helmet. I made an internal "ow" but the mare had startled herself. Next thing I know we are straight up in the air and heading backwards. I just prayed multiple times for her to not land on top of me. Luckily she didn't but I heard a nice crack as I hit the ground.

I basically laid on the ground an immobile mess. J had been finishing tacking her horse and was just about to head in the arena when she heard the scuffle. She rushed over to me and repeatedly asked if I was ok. I finally was able to let out a long groan.  It took me a few minutes to come to, but I determined all my body parts were working and functioning, and the crack had been my helmet.

Meanwhile, the poor more had initially taken off after falling onto the ground. But once she came to her senses she let out a loud breath and wandered over to us, her head low. I stood up and she rested her head against my chest. It seemed she was apologizing as she had no idea what had happened. 

My head was a throbbing mess and because of the incident at my sister's wedding in June, I opted to go to the clinic to get my head checked out. Safety first! They admitted me to the ER because of the recent head injury, but after some testing it was determined I was ok and just needed to be monitored for the next 48 hours. Phew! 

J and I talked and we both don't know what the hell happened. Shes had the mare for years and has never had her go up. Heck, she told me her kids hop on her all the time! Weird, freak accident. 

I am now in the market for a new helmet and unfortunately am taking a few days off from riding until my head stops throbbing. Its not too bad though, its surpassing 100 degrees this week. I am so thankful I was wearing a helmet. #MindYourMelon

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Funny: Scope

I is good boy

This morning I woke up to find four horses in one pasture instead of three. This little bay boy tried to hide behind the mares that were not happy he invaded their space. It was pretty easy to tell he was the odd one out. 

Because this was about 15 minutes before I left for work I was definitely panicked that I'd spend all morning chasing a rogue baby horse and not make it in. Luckily he only spent 30 seconds playing "I am not the horse you are looking for" before I threw a halter on him. For a baby horse that hasn't had any set of halter training besides wearing a halter as a weanling and being transported a small handful of times, I am so lucky he wants to cooperate. 

Luckily he only had a little scrape on his hind leg from jumping the fence. He is now content in his time out stall with two large flakes of hay. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Its Official

I have been spelling my own horses name wrong this entire time. I should have known better because most horses in the Alla'Czar line have the "cz" (the c is silent). Like this mare:


But Baby Z's passport is here! It would be super cool if I could learn German or French but luckily there is also a section in English. I'm so new to all of this, reading and figuring out how to use this will definitely be a challenge. 

For example: please tell me this is some kind of mistake? Much confused I am. Please tell me all you know about these foreign booklets! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

In Paradise

Having moved to Idaho from California I discovered a new love of water. I used to have a large attachment to the beach. The horizon of the sea is so open and inviting. It leaves room for anything to happen, all of the possibilities. It fools you into an ignorant bliss that it never ends. The sweet, salty air is both calming and invigorating. Instead of the misconception that it was where the world ended, to me it was where the world began. 

As soon as I can see water I always feel at home. I never thought I'd feel that way outside of the beach. But lakes and rivers now inhabit a part of my heart. And, to be honest, I think I like them more.

My favorite lakes are up in the mountains surrounded by pine trees. Although the water is familiar, the atmosphere is different. The pine trees remind me of an enchanted forest and I absolutely adore them. I also love how at the high elevations you can still see snow capped mountains in the summer. 

Lucky for me, my horse trainer also has business in rental properties. Just last year her and her husband acquired a vacation home on Lake Cascade. A lot of my house sitting for them was for when they went up to the lake house to work on improving the property. Because it is a vacation rental and not always occupied, they now go up there to enjoy it when it isn't being rented. However, it seems there are still a few extra days it sits empty. 

My horse trainer has generously offered to let me stay there when it isn't being rented. So, when I got a call at 10 pm on Friday night I knew it was a good idea to answer. Despite weekends for the place being booked from June-September already, it seemed there was a cancellation and it would be vacant Saturday and Sunday. It was too late to drive up that night, so after finishing some plans on Saturday my bf and I headed up there for an overnight getaway. 

This was my second trip to the lake house and I had a hard time leaving. As much as I love my little farm and riding horses, the getaway is much appreciated. This past weekend I kayaked for the first time in my life. The two hours of exploring the lake was a little overkill for my out-of-shape body, but I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Now I am back to farm life, but I can't wait for my next lake adventure. If only I could bring the horses there! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 10 Questions

Since I find my rides to be ultra boring and uninspiring to talk about, I'm joining in on the bloghop for July 10 questions.
I miss this

1. Do you actually always pick the horse’s feet? Always? Really?

99.% of the time yes. The only time I haven't was when I've been running late on time and Riesling just got his feet shod a few hours prior. I once had a half leaser for my pony that didn't quite understand this logic. Well she didn't understand half leasing anyways. She was there getting him ready on one of my days and I asked if she had picked his feet already. She gave me a quizzical look and said she already picked them once this week. I then had to shudder and proceed to tell her that you pick feet every day. Yeah, she didn't last long.
This pony! 

 2. What is the biggest obstacle/reason preventing you from becoming a professional or competing full time with ease?

My parents. I have a ton of support from my friends and horse trainer but my family would rather see me work a boring desk job and go to school. Finally, after 3 years of college I've decided to pursue my dreams for real. This fall I'm going to school part time, working part time, and will be spending all my free time getting my hands on all the horses I can. I want to further my equestrian education as much as I can, however that doesn't mean school is going on the back burner. I'm still going to finish but at my own speed and continuing my education in hopefully what will be apart of my career.

 3. Do you think it will ever not be about the money?

No. I mean I'll ride anything I can get my hands on for the most part. But do I think if I hack on horses 24/7 and maybe have a nice lady who gives me critique I will compete and win against a full training rider and mount? Definitely not.

4. Was there ever a horse that you loved and really wanted to have a connection with, but it just never panned out? Details.

Ha. Yes. The first pony I ever leased was a palomino appendex named Blondie. I loved her even though she was a major bitch to me. She basically refused to jump with me, and my trainer would get on and she would do anything no questions asked. But yet, I didn't want to give her up and was hoping the owner would sell her to me one day. She turned me into a scared, unconfident  rider. She made me pretty terrified of horses and riding but I didn't want to give up. One time I was about to get on and my mom hadn't tightened the girth like I thought and as soon as I put my foot in the stirrup the saddle spun and she took off. Just about scarred me for life. It would take me an hour to take up after that. With lots of pauses to cry. My mom made me get over it and eventually I did get over it. But still, this pony seriously should have ended my riding career.

5. What is one weakness in your riding that even your trainer doesn’t pick up on, only you?

Thank god, trainer sees all.
Never tired of this

6. What is the biggest doubt/insecurity you ask or tell yourself in your head?

That I suck at riding and shouldn't own horses. There is a lady at my barn that says if you can't be there for your horse every day you shouldn't own a horse. Basically, she also believes that because she is at the barn 24/7 (shes not) that if she doesn't see me then I definitely am not seeing my horse. I care a lot about what people think unfortunately.

7. There is a barn fire. You are the first person to discover it and see that the roof is collapsing in slowly, and you can tell it’s going to come down any time. Do you call people first or head straight in to save the horses?

Call me crazy, but straight in to save the horses no questions asked. I would do anything I can to save them, and when I realized I did all I could I would call for help. Yeah maybe I'd get hurt in the process, but I would have regretted my whole life not trying to save them.

8. What is one event in your riding career/horse/anything that you’re still not over, even tho you might tell others you are?

Not being in a riding "clique". 
Love my baby ponies

9. If you could tell off one person you just don’t like, what would you say?

I'm mostly a pansy so this would be hard for me. I'd mostly just call them a hurtful bitch and attempt to get on with my life but probably still wouldn't. Yay insecurities. 

But fun story; I once was buying a horse from a "horse trader" of sorts. She mostly dealt with OTTBs.  She put me on a ton of fresh off the track 3-4 y/o's (don't ask me why I/my mom thought this was ok). But we finally had our hearts set on a 7 y/o that was mostly retrained. The working student had been in love with him but agreed with her and us that she couldn't buy him and was ok with him selling. We had a contract and everything. My mom had the check earlier than expected and she pulled me out of school to go up there and pay early and play with our new guy! We got to the barn to realize he wasn't there. Neither was any of the working students or trainer. A boarder told us that they might be showing at a local show. My mom and I were both pissed and concerned for our horse. 

We pulled up to the show grounds to realize she was at a different show across the street, but ran into my mom's lifelong trainer friend. We told him the situation and he was disappointed. Meanwhile, I stole my mom's phone and called the lady up and left her a mean 5 minute voicemail about what kind of person would do this to a 11/12? year old girl. I felt like such a badass and was so proud of myself. I told my mom and her trainer friend and trainer friend freaked out and scolded me. I cried. When we got back in the car my mom burst up laughing and told me how cool she thought I was and that the lady needed to hear how terrible of a person she was from a little girl. The one and only time I got my mind spoken clearly. 

My questionable choices

10. Have you ever seen questionable riding or training practices, but let it go/ignored it?

Of course, all the time. In fact, one lady at my barn tries to give me lessons while I'm riding with her questionable riding/training, but I tune it out. I guess I'm more of a people pleaser and as long as it isn't seriously injuring mentally or physically the horse I'll leave it alone. Or I'll tell someone of higher authority and let them make the call. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Brave Little Toaster

What is that? Well that is Mr. Brave Little Toaster sporting a new saddle! I have been day dreaming of jumping again and snatched a good deal on this Dover Circuit Elite. Nothing fancy but it was such a good deal I figured I will keep it forever and always have it around for random horses I might ride. 
We had a quick lunge and then toodled around the farm where Ries decided he wanted to explore everything. He even walked on the road all on his own! Proud of the guy. Its just a slow and steady horse world for me right now. Can't wait to jump in the new saddle though!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Or rather, Chickenburgler. Fourth of July, we woke up to all the chickens in the driveway. Except the rooster. He vanished. 

We have both a chain and bungee cord securing the door to the coop. Unfortunately, both of those mysteriously came off the door to let the chickens escape. My bf is convinced someone stole our rooster.

Apparently this is a thing? Well, down to one Nugget left. The odds are not in her favor. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekend Hooker

How I really felt about catching a fish

I went fishing for the first time this weekend and caught my first fish! It was...interesting. The idea of fishing always sounded neat to me. Until I pulled one out of the water and its fish eye was looking me dead in the face just saying "jerk". It is catch and release so I (read: my boyfriend) threw it back in. 

I don't know how I feel about fishing. It took me a few minutes to throw my line in again. But after about half an hour I was wanting to catch another. Am I the only weirdo that gets sad for the fish while fishing?