Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Horse Logic

He tries to groom me after I groom him
Well this is my first time working with baby horses and have basically been told by the owners to have fun and play with them. So far I have brushed them and felt them up (seriously surprised I didn't get killed). 
"dis brush thing iz nice" 
But here's the thing. I cannot get either of them to eat treats. Hay in my hand? Sure! But other than that they look at me like I'm showing them my friend and they don't understand or care what to do with it.

They aren't afraid of me and don't care if I attempt to shove said treat in their mouth. They mostly think I'm crazy and why in the world would they want to eat it. I absolutely adore spoiling horses and have thus earned the name "cookie lady" by most horses I meet. But these guys won't budge. Help. 


  1. My horse wouldn't eat a cookie until he was like 5, it just takes time lol and greed.

  2. Tesla was always a cookie monster....maybe some are just born that way :)

  3. That always made me mad when I worked at the track. Eat your cookies, silly racehorses! I found the continuously forcefully shoving treats into their mouth thing worked best haha.

  4. I've worked with polo ponies before that didn't know what treats were and our Mustang doesn't understand them either. It just takes time. It's easier if they eat grain, you can mix the treats into the grain to convince them it's food, but I'm guessing the babies aren't on grain.