Friday, May 29, 2015

6 Years

Yesterday marked my 6 year anniversary of owning Riesling!  Now that it is officially show season, we haven't been doing anything too exciting. Our normal ride consists of : leg yields at the walk, stretchy trot to warm up, canter, sitting trot, stretchy trot to cool down. So exciting I know. Going to try and get SB out to do some fun jumps this weekend! I'm sure I can convince her with PitaPit! 
       Just signed up for USDF and USEF memberships (thank god they take credit card!). First show is June 12-13! Wohoo! Guess I should start memorizing my tests now ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Wohoo! I made it home alive. That was a long but fun trip. Let us relive it in photos, shall we?
 View from our hotel room. It was pretty freaking awesome.
And some white wine to celebrate. 
That night we went and had dinner at the restaurant in the lobby of our hotel. It was pretty damn tasty. We shared a cheese platter, bread with melty cheese, and some roasted veggies. We car bar-ed it in the parking lot at the concert and finished off a bottle of red wine. Concert was pretty good. Courtney Love was..interesting. She stayed on forever. Apparently, Lana has social anxiety and it took forever for her to get on stage. She seemed very uncomfortable for the first few songs, but she has the voice of an angel and I was ok with it. She didn't sing very long and just walked off stage and let her band finish. It was rather bizarre. Again, had her voice not have been so incredible I probably would have been pissed. I'm more disappointed but again hearing her live was incredible. 
The next morning we had brunch and checked out the Saturday market.  

Walking downtown

Interesting...but lovely architecture!

China town! We didn't go through but it still looked cool. 
Jamie and I! 
A cool sculpture.  Downtown Portland is very visually stimulating!
Next we hit the Mississippi district. Lots of bizarre shops. Lovely atmosphere! 

One of the many oddities in Portland. A taxidermy and other weird things shop (check out that art on the wall!)
I like geology more than I care to admit. 

A classy marijuana shop. 

I think this was supposed to be a haunted house or something but it was closed for the day. 

Yeah, this had to happen. PS if you ever want to go, go to the one on the East Side because the one downtown has like a 2 hour long line! 

Cathedral downtown. 
MM tacos

And the beautiful drive home. Apologize for the weird formatting. I try so hard with blogger but it hates me and likes unaesthetic-ally appealing blog posts.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Adventure Time!

Well, now that school is out, it is time to indulge myself in travels. You know, pretending that whole two weeks I didn't work and didn't get a pay check thing don't exist.

These three can throw a damn good party.
After a spontaneous Luke Bryan concert last week, I'm making a trip to Spokane to visit my Real Classy Lady friend, Jamie, and her lovely mare, Evita. We used to be coworkers at the local tack store before it closed and became good friends. We ended up spending a lot of riding time together, too.

I leave on Thursday and am driving to Spokane. On Friday we are driving down to Portland to see a Lana Del Rey concert! I just snagged an awesome deal on this hotel,

and we will be checking out Portland all day Saturday. She promised me a lesson on Evita so that will be either late Saturday night or before I leave on Sunday morning! In the meantime, CrossFit will be in Boise and will take a few rides on Ries so he doesn't forget about the upcoming shows in June.

A little stress free relief from work (omg I'm ready to stab someone) for May. Plans for June include a possible Alfredo Hernandez clinic (very on the fence about this) and two dressage shows!

I need to con someone to come out and take pony pictures so I have something more interesting to talk about. 

Monday, May 11, 2015


Holy hell. It's been forever. And no I didn't "forget" to blog. Or any of that lame shit. (Yes, sassiness is at an all time high, thanks for noticing.)

So, #Pegleg, what happened?

Well. y'all remember the week where I was like "zomg zombie. can't sleep. can't eat. life is awful." I made it through that week ok. Sleeping meds were working. I was eating. And then Monday happened.

4/20- Felt like shit physically but mentally was doing awesomesauce. So naturally I did my two workouts and rode Argorn (CJ's 4th level warmblood). On the way home I started feeling feverish, but I didn't care. I jammed to my music and was going to pop some advil when I got home and the skys were blue and rainbows and butterflies. Then I pulled in my driveway.
Random man hanging out. Um ok. He was like "Yo. My ex-girlfriend is in your house and idk what's going on but you need to go help her." Alright. This chick wasn't my roomate. Walk in, girl is crying and naked on my roommates bed. Well that escalated quickly. Apparently the dude called her mom to come get her so I just sat there and consoled her until her mom appeared. Apparently girl was just tired and drunk. Alright, mission accomplished. Time for shower, dinner, advil, and bed.
hahaha no funny gif
HAHA NO. Then my roommate appears.  She was upset about something. I got bitched out, four tequila shots later she got over it. And then she accidentally punched through the kitchen window. Again, that escalated quickly. It was indeed an accident.
Yeah it escalated quickly.

Cutting through all the boring stuff here. More tequila and a few EMT friends later she got all fixed up. Msiz was beat. I crawled into bed without dinner or advil. Better luck tomorrow?
Image result for bad day gif

4/21- Woke up extra early to take roomie to the Drs so they could get any additional glass out of her hand and stitch those suckas up. Apparently it hurt because by the time I made it downstairs to leave to go she was a few tequila shots in and couldn't walk. Awesomesauce. Drug her to the doctor, she got stitches and x-rays. Meanwhile, I'm feeling hot and sweaty, and not in a good way. Bought her some Tacobell and tucked her in for the day. I crawled back upstairs for sleep. I figured it was a 24 hr flu and I'd get through this.

4/22- Sleep all day. Roomie fed me taco bell and lots of gatorade. Commence black plague status.

4/23- Alright. This shit has been going on too long. Dr time. Did lots of tests- everything was negative. Cool. Got Penicillin and lots of IV fluids.

Second does of Penicillin later- swollen face and mouth. Yikes. I was feeling extra sucky because of that, can't sleep. Really thinking I have the black plague.

4/24- Wohoo back to urgent care. No more penicillin for me, ever. That Dr was convinced I had mono but I forced him to do more bloodwork. I WILL NOT SETTLE.
Image result for bad day gif

Skip to 4/27- Basically it was death all weekend. Monday morning my mom was at the dentist and telling him about my issues. Apparently he knows exactly what it is! Wheeled myself to the dentist and he's like, "Yup you have an infection in your gums and it is making you sick." Well ok dentist dude. MY MOUTH WASN'T EVEN SWOLLEN UNTIL PENICILLIN. But ok.

Scheduled oral surgery for Friday. Yus, just what I always wanted!

Post surgery. Mm juice. I know I look awesome here.
5/1- Got drugged. They dug around in my mouth. My awesome roomie brought me flowers (I was at my parents house). That made up for the shit I had to deal with the previous week.

5/2- Parents got married! Don't know how I made it through that one.

So stinkin cute.
5/4- Finals week.
Finals got me like-

Today- I'M ALIVE. And can be a functioning human being that goes to work and rides her horse. Damn. Month from hell, amirite?

Alright, that is what happened. Mouth still hurts. Really not sure what was wrong with me. Whatever, I'm not sick anymore. And it is summer! Tanning, riding, and working (make dem monies). Peace homies.