Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Late Monday Musings: Sunburned

We did dressage instead of jump jump on Friday

Oops. Spring break was over yesterday and it was so nice outside that my roomie and I decided to skip class and enjoy the day playing pong in our backyard. #collegelife

Micaylah and McKayla
We definitely didn't put chalk eyebrows on Baby Gus

Saturday my roomate, McKayla, and I adventured to wally world in her little Jeep Wrangler. Sometimes I think we are the same person. It is almost weird how much a like we are. Anyways, we picked up a backyard set for the house and a regulation size pong table, because #collegelife.

I went the entire ride fogetting about my stunna shades on my head

New bonnet and browband!

Sunday I went to CJ's house and rode 3 ponies. Vermont is starting to figure out our training program really well. Hes an OTTB eventer that was laid off for quite sometime. I also rode CJ's mount Argorn who is a warmblood that recently was rehabbed. He has a ton of buttons but we are working on building up his muscle first. Vermont's owner came out and I warmed up one of the school horses, Czoey, for her while she did some trotting on Vermont. Czoey is trained so it was fun working on my position rather than the horse. I love how all the different horses point out different flaws in your riding. It makes every ride a different challenge.
Oooh shiney

So that was my weekend.

Friday's jump lesson got cancelled because MM's, new trainer,son had surgery and wasn't recovering well. Now we are shooting for Saturday morning. Let's see how it goes.

I am currently recovering from a good sunburn that I got while riding on Sunday. Super pumped to be able to wear tank tops and even get sunburns again!

Yay Spring! 5 weeks left of school, then it is summertime, homies.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Flash Back Friday: Jump show 2011

I told you it would be entertaining. I hope your eyes don't bleed. This was my last show that I did. In honor of my jump lesson tonight, I thought I would give y'all something to compare my next set of photos with. Sometimes that means a sacrificial post of awful riding pictures. We all started somewhere right?

Ries has a red ribbon in his tail because as a former racehorse he doesn't like horses up his ass
My helmet gave me a glorious mushroom head
 Now to the good shit.

Hello blond hair and babyface

The most glorious of all cottage cheese butts

I think my face says it all

I'm going to stop there. I don't have much more to say, I mean I'm truly speechless, lol. Let's hope after four years I grew out of my awkward phase. And da chubs too (I say as I am drinking coffee and eating a muffin). 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pegleg no more!

I am no longer #peglegmuskateer. Back to #pimpmuskateer! After reading Sprinkler Bandit's post, who is #tackhomuskateer, I think being the pimp is accurate.

Anyways, yeaterday I lunged my poneh. And was a moron about it. Sorry Ries. 

I was all "lets lunge over the jump!" And watched as my lunge line caught on the standard. Moron.

He was slow and steady.

And acting like a hunter pony. Of which, he will start jump jump training tomorrow! We have our first lesson of jumping since probably around 4 years ago. Wee! I can't wait. Trying to get someone to come out and take pics. Cause that would be legit.

Other than that..I rode one of CJ's ponies this morning. It was awful. I felt like a sac of potatoes and CJ was like "what happened?" and I was like "#pegleglife"

I'll have a more entertaining post tomorrow, I swear.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Talk about Tuesday: Polo Wraps

Sometimes our polos don't match and Ries makes disappointed faces at me

As you all are aware I have been dubbed #peglegmuskateer, I have been avidly wrapping my knee with a stretchy bandage(so full of technical terms this morning). I've used this to provide support and keep an ice pack still. As I was rolling and wrapping the bandage I thought to myself what a beautiful world "I feel like I am polo wrapping myself!"

So here is my theory-

When I wrap my leg, it feels better.

It is easier to walk on because of the support this provides.

Theoretically- this should pass over to polo wraps. They are somewhat similar in style, not exact but similar.

Here is my only issue with my theory that polo wraps are supportive-

I am wrapping a soft and squishy area of my body that is moveable. Polo wraps are normally on cannon bones that are not soft and squishy (lets hope) and are stable (ie not a hock or knee). Does this reduce the support? Or does this completely null the support that polo wraps would otherwise provide?

Again, just my theory. I do not currently wrap my horses legs with the intention of providing support. I wrap because they are pretty and make my outfit complete because they protect my horse's legs from brushing injuries when he forgets where his legs go.

Just my .02. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Musings: #Peglegmuskateer

Monday of Spring Break! And what am I doing? Working. All the cool kids went to Vegas. The cooler kid is working to try and justify buying Monacos. Oops.

Last week was boring. I rode on Thursday and managed to work out some stiffness in my leg. However, my knee then cussed me out the entire way home. Oops.

Friday I most definitely did not ride, and in an effort to spend my spring break doing pony things, I took off the entire weekend. I slept, iced my knee, watched movies. So boring, but it was fun sleeping. And then Micaylah was naughty. I was on English Tack Trader..and found Monacos in my size. Sorry not sorry? Still haven't decided if they are coming home. But as I was polishing my tall boots last week and I noticed they got shredded/scratched from falling last Saturday. Grr.

This morning my scab ripped off. Ouch. Then there was blood everywhere. And it looked kinda gnar on the inside. Insert hydrogen peroxide. Omg since when does that stuff hurt? Apparently when you don't take care of your knee properly. Ugh.

Blog has a fresh new look. I apologize if anyone had to deal with the giant-ass banner at the top. My work computer told me it looked normal. Liar.

Well that is enough random nonsense for one morning.

Oh! Quick shout out to Jodi at RacingToRide for featuring me in her upcoming blogger series! Yay!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Brain Leakage

So uh, my thoroughbred lost his brain the other day when I attempted to take him on the road. We got about half a mile down with some light contact, a little concerned, but that was fine. Then he did a 180 and spun around and was like NOPE. So I told him he was good and we could go home. Omg. My horse lost his marbles. It was a mixture of jigging, rearing-ish, trying to crowhop, wanting to take off, wanting to buck. We settled on a side pass. He had NO idea what to do with himself and the little cows in the field next to us.

I tried to just tell him to just walk forward and that they weren't going to eat him, but he didn't believe me. We managed to make it home, half passing almost the entire way. It was kind of funny zig zagging back and forth. Granted if my left leg wasn't completely useless, #peglegmuskateer, I probably could have been more effective in negotiating with him. However, left leg was basically useless and I was like "plz don't kill my knee moar".
We then proceeded back into the arena, and I decided he needed worked for real. I trotted five strides and my knee was like "NOPE" and he was itching to go forward so we cantered. And cantered. On the buckle. I just was a potato sack on top of him and gave him full discretion. He was a total gentlemen and ran around until he decided he was done and then just stopped.
So it worked itself out afterwords, but I want to enjoy leaving the arena and use it as a "break" and not work. Any suggestions?

I rode again last night, slightly less painful. I could trot about 20 or so strides before I had to walk. The more my muscles stretched the more I was able to do. We played around with poles and I told him that I can't support him atm and he just needed to go. He got the message after a few whip taps and took care of me. Somehow he realized the poles were fun and just navigated around himself. Much more successful ride as #peglegmuskateer.

However, last night and this morning my knee was really pissy at me. I'm going to see if taking the day off from riding will help at all. I seriously didn't think I injured it this bad. I can't let this get in the way of me showing. My expected first show will be May 16!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Monogramming: A Way Of Life

Yes. Bling is a way of life. And you know who its best friend is? Thats right, monograms.

Being preppy takes a lot of commitment. But damn I look fabulous doing it. #cantstopwontstop

I house sit for a nice lady who is obsessed with crafting. She owns a nice little vinyl cutter so of course that means MAKE ALL THE THINGS. 

The Silhouette Machine
Silhouettes can be picked up for around $250 on overstock or I have seen them cheaper on craigslist. 

New Boot Monogram
Yeah, I'm owning up to wearing tall boots that don't get polished enough. But hey, look at that sweet ass monogram instead! 

Digital Version of my monogram

Yikes- no curly monograms that small
 Sometimes the Silhouette Machine disappoints. Like when it eats my monograms, therefore meaning "YO tone down on the curlz font. None of this smaller than 2" plz."

I made dis octopus nail sticker

 But sometimes its like "yeah you needed an octopus on your nail. I got you bro."

Hmm what are these for?

Future bridle tags right here.

Spreading the love of all things preppy with my horsie friends. These are for RedHeadLins
I am a nice friend
so perf
Why all the monograms you ask?

Because I want everyone to know my beautiful strap goods and Ries's blankies ect. are MINE. Ya know, just in case.