Friday, April 17, 2015

Jumping #2

Exhausted ponykins
I jumped again! Sunday Aimee came over and played ponies with me! Of course that means I had to jump. The goal for the "lesson" was to keep a forward pace, and overall look less awkward. We started out doing figure 8s over fences. Then we added in another jump to make a little course, and our final course ended with a bending line! It was so fun. I'm so happy to be getting some confidence back. Now this was not the eq lesson so my equitation was really really terrible.  Aimee snagged some cool video so I'll add that after the pictures. Oh yeah, warning, the first clip I fall off haha. It was a total my bad moment. Overall, I'm super happy that I had a get 'er done attitude! 

Apologies for the lack of blogs. I'm so stressed from school that I am not eating or sleeping. So my priorities are on managing that right now. School will be over soon though! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Riesling! 04/07

Finally a belated birthday post! Woo! My handsome man turned 13 on Tuesday. He is officially a teenager. I bought him some cupcakes and stuffed his face. We also grazed and had a grooming session. I think he had a good birthday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The moment we've been waiting for

Stalking the mailman
What could they possibly be?
Long and black (thats what she said tehee)
An Ariat logo?!
*gasp* The Monacos happened.
Lets not judge my mad photo taking skillz.
It happened. Monacos are mine. The footbed is a tad narrow, but they haven't been worn since 2013 so I imagine nothing a little breaking in won't fix. The zipper zipped up effortlessly. It was a true Cinderella moment. They don't look or feel worn. At all. I'm a tad bit obsessed. But I am also super poor right now. #horsepoor. 

P.S. Today is Ries's birthday! I will post our celebration tomorrow since I am sitting at my desk right now and I haven't seen him yet.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Second quarter goals

I can't believe this happened. Thanks SprinklerBandit

Since, ya know, I never did first quarter goals..oops. I have nothing that cool to post, and no new riding pictures. So here is something to talk about.

Ugh. Apparently springtime shoved a giant stick up Ries's ass.

1 bonus: he finally started drinking out of his waterer again! Second quarter did give rise to no more carrying buckets.


Make every ride a lesson(even if it isn't). Ries has been happily enjoying my peg-leg hacks around the arena. And thus his work ethic left town. More like left the country. We need to re-establish some work ethic and then we can go back to little relaxing rides.

Do all of my workouts. I paid for a workout e-book. It isn't hard. It just takes time to get my ass off the couch and away from netflix. I am struggling setting up a routine. I need a routine otherwise I just fall off the bandwagon.

Jump. Seriously. I need to get my ass in gear. We do so much flatwork. Maybe Ries just needs a jump jump day to get back on track?

Show. I have a show scheduled for May 16. Should be interesting?

Limit my spending. this is way less fun. I really like stuff. And hoing tack. And hoarding tack.

Use my planner DAILY. I have progressively gotten better about using my planner. But not as good as I can get.

Um yeah. That sounds like a good start. Don't want too many things otherwise I'll feel more sad when they don't get done.