Monday, February 23, 2015

Week Recap 2/16-2/22

Happy Monday!

Jk. Everyone hates Mondays. Including me. Even though I only have two classes starting at noon. I wake up and just groan. Anyways, some food for thought for the week.

What did I do last week?

Well, I moved. A lot. It sucked. A lot. I managed to ride twice. There will be a post tomorrow for Throwback Tuesday (I didn't want to wait until Thursday) to talk about a lesson I had two weeks ago and never blogged about.

I also did something magical. And fun. With the help of SprinklerBandits.

The last time I jumped was 51 weeks ago. This is super depressing because not only do I have a horse who loves to jump, I have a glorious set of jump tack, too.
Such an old pic.

Before that, I jumped 67 weeks ago. Before that was over two years ago in California. The last time I regularly jumped was not long after a show I did in fall of 2011. Yikes.

So after selling my dressage saddle to SB, I wanted to get moar fun toys. This time I got an Ogilvy pad and a CWD breastplate. Yeah, those I was NOT going to let collect dust.

So Sunday Funday happened and I jumped. I will post a re-cap about it probably on Thursday.

Wow, I have lots of blogs planned for once in my blogging life. Crazy I know.

I also wanted to talk about my new years resolution post. For me, moving brings about feelings of change. What have I done since January 1st? Have a made an effort to accomplish my goals? Am I as far along as I want to be? Absolutely not.

A few things that I'm going to be working harder towards: eating better and exercising regularly. I have yet to establish a morning and night routine. This will happen as well, once I am fully settled into my new place.

Apologize for the rambling, but I believe Mondays will be dedicated to self reflection and talking about cool things in the upcoming week and anything cool I did last week that I didn't mention previously.

Super boring, I know. Hopefully my super rad photos will make up for it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Body Work

Pretty regularly, I have Ries get some body work done. Ever since I started a year ago, I have noticed a major improvement in his attitude and how fast he progresses.

Saturday, Ries got seen by our favorite person. Now, he wasn't showing distinct signs that he needed it. But, it had been awhile and it never hurts. 

I am so happy I called her out! His back was doing fantastic. However, he had a rib out and his chest was tight! It is incredible to watch how expressive horses are when they feel good.

Yesterday, I had her come to CJs barn to work on two of her horses. One was a lesson horse, Proof. He was very tight in his neck and chest, which started leading to his hips. 

The other horse was Argorn, her fourth level beasty that I started riding. Poor guy's neck made so many popping and crackling noises! His shoulders were also very tight. 

I am amazed at what bodywork can do. Do you guys have your horses seen regularly by a chiropractor or accupressurist? 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

FOO: College Kid

Tracey at Fly on Over did a blog post about her day in the life. So here is mine, in two parts. **I am currently not working. When I start work again in March Tues/Thurs/Friday downtime will turn into work.


10:00- Decide I should do something with my morning than lay in bed. Curse myself for staying up so late. 

10:30- Do some HW and chores around my place. Get ready for the day. Struggle deciding whether to eat breakfast or lunch. 

12:00- History. Text friends begging them to get lunch with me after class.

1:30-spend money I dont have on lunch. Catch up with blogger and facebook.

3:00- econ. Play more on blogger. Decide what I want for dinner.

4:30- Mondays: Go home, make dinner, do homework, and watch netflix.
Wednesdays: go to gym or do hw. Night class on Wed from 6-8:45.

10:00- Tell myself Ive binge watched netflix for long enough and it is time to do homework

2:00- Finally fall asleep 
Fiona says it's time for bed. 


8:00- wake up. Surf facebook. Get ready for the day.

10:30- Accounting class. Try not to fall asleep.

12:00-Free atlast! Eat lunch. Get ready for the barn. 

2:00- Pony time! Ride, then chores. 
Mm lean cuisine.

5:00- Drive home or go to CJs barn and ride her horses. 

8:00- Eat dinner. Pretend to do hw. 

Fridays are a free for all.

As you can see, my life is kind of boring. Lots of ponies involved but going 2 months without working is no bueno. I miss having money. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Real Blogs

I feel like my blog is a diary of my riding. Which is kinda cool, I guess. But the ultra-cool blogs always are informative and talk about things other than their horse (which is going to be hard for me to do). So my next post, after this weekend recap, will be something cool. (My adjectives are on point today!)

My main weekend goal was to avoid real responsibilities like homework, not spending money, and laundry. Hehe. SprinklerBandit, RedHeadLins, and I all went on a pony adventure saturday. SB and I started the day off by eating pizza. No better way to start the day. Then we met Lins at the local tack shop that was going out of business (that both RHL and I both worked at). I may or may not have gotten some loot (Im having to censor because Im sure you all saw that apparently my mom found my blog). I will do a loot haul here soon, because I enjoy vicariously living through other peoples shopping adventures and figured you would too.

We then went to Linds' barn. SB and I rode her BO's horses. It felt like the saddle club. So majestic.
I rode the cutest of ponies named Zida who is a RPSI mare. I also promptly forgot how to ride in a jump saddle. My jump saddle will have a debut here soon.

Sunday I slept a lot and rode da Ries. He was good as usual and our song came on at the end of our ride again. I smiled! I then napped more and that was my day. 

So my few and far between readers, what do you want to see me post? So, you know, my readers will no longer be few and far between. 

The life of a bling-aholic

It's true. If it can be sparkly, I will have it. Sometime's blogger friends are surprised. One time, I wore a bling javket to the barn and SB was like "oh nos its gunna get ruined!". I laughed because it was my bling barn jacket.
Why yes, that is a bling mountain horse headband.

Do I have a problem? Maybe. The way I see it, I may suck at rididng, but my beautiful horse and shiny sparkles will blind you from seeing it.

Anytime anything comes rhinestoned it is immediately "ooh- grabby hands!" 

Some people call it a problem, I see it as a solution.

Anything I wouldn't bling? I can't think of any. I have bling underwear, I would happily eat edible glitter, I have glitter shoes and rhinestoned boots. Yep, pretty sure I can bling it all. 

One girl. One dream. No one is stopping me (unless it gets tacky). 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Friendship before education.
This was my decision on monday. I didn't even think twice. Loyal friendship is very important to me. I will always be there for someone whether I just met them the day before or if I've been friends forever. 

I do this because I know how many times I've needed someone. I've fallen on to people who I have never even talked to outside of school or work. I've also fallen on those that have been by my side for years. To me, it shouldn't make a difference. 


Sorry, just needed to get that out there. 
Sunday, Ries was a spooky brat. Today, he was a bored spooky brat. He used spooking as a way to get out of work. Because he was bored. I can't help the fact that I am so lackluster. But apparently he doesnt dig it lol

They aren't even big spooks, mostly just him being distracted. But it annoys the crap out of me. I need to do more on the flat so he doesn't get as bored. 

Some cute pics from today:
Oh and I got some bling gloves. Holla. 

Wow this was a boring post. Hey atleast there are cute pony pics. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Supplement Land

Omg guys- a non diary post! Finally! Lol

Oh supplements. Do they work, or nah? Here is my story:
Growing up, my moms horses were on supps. I can't tell you which ones because I don't remember that kinda stuff from when I was 10. I am 90% positive Gleam and Gain was one of them. Pretty much my mom had her nice horses on them and that was it. 

Well, mom no longer has a horse. My pony was not on any grain or supps. Then comes Riesy. He needed weight, bad. We did beet pulp or alfalfa pellets. Switched to a new barn where he went on Senior. 

His breakthrough was when he was in Del Mar in full training with a half-leaser (um who says no to having your horse in paid full training by the beach?). They loaded him up on all da supps. I dont know which ones tbh. 

The half-leaser went off to college and now Riesling was back in inland territory. His beautifulness left the building. I was disappointed. It was then I decided he needed supps to be fat and healthy. 

I went to a Del Mar Dressage Grand Prix and shopped around. I then met Tech Mix supplements. Riesling was on a weight gain/gut health, joint(preventative), and a hoof supplement. We got a free 30 day trial of electrolytes so he got those too. I fed it to him in a rice bran/senior mix. In about two months he was looking pretty swell! 

Then we moved to Idaho. I couldnt get my supps up here. My friend worked at the local tack store raved about RenewGold feed. So I bought it. And when I got a job at the tack store, the first thing I did was stand in the supplement aisle and stare. I had mang discussions with the fees guy and finally landed my perfect supplement. 

TightJoints Plus. Economical, highly concentrated, joint supp. The RenewGold was taking care of his weight. TightJoints worked great for Ries. But alas, the tack store went out of business. In a way to make use of my discount, I bought the last of 4 different joint supps to equal that of my TightJoints (someone bought it out before I could!). 

And then Riesy became a picky eater. He said no to nasty powders. Damn. I have 3 months worth of this crap. What was I going to do now?! 

I pondered the land of Smartpak. And then, the angels from heaven shined light on me. I found it. The holy grail of all supplements. Exceed 6 way. Picky Eater approved. Added to cart. 

And it arrived. Took forever, but it arrived. He eats it. Most important part. Now time will tell if it works. 

So do you have any favorite supplements /grain or are you anti-supplement? 

P.S. I hope you enjoyed random (except for last pic) photo dump. Apparently I forgot to post photos after my ride one day. And needed another one to break up the text, so therefore, SB with a bonnet. 

Feb 3rd Lesson Recap

I got no pics, but I rode today so I took pics today. Without further ado, lesson recap:

CJ commented that my leg was doing much better. Yay! We did a lot of walk work to start with. We did shoulder in and haunches in. And lots of circles. Then we moved up to sitting trot and did more shoulder in/haunches in. It was so cool! It was hard, but so rewarding. Te coolest part was Ries already knew how to do it!

We ended on long and low trot and CJ was shocked at out progress. She told me that we already have it, and perfectly too. Woo!

Moving up the dressage ranks guys!

Now pics from today, we had no friends to take pics so they are from me lol.

Proof of no forelock
And my gloves died