Thursday, April 19, 2018

Friday the 13th

The past two weeks have been super quiet on the blog front. Im getting a temporary moment of air, but as finals come up, Im drowning again.

My grandmother went into the hospital on 4/3 and last Friday my family and I watched her take her final breaths.

I've got a lot more going on, but that tipped the boat. I'm not currently ok, but know sunny skies lie ahead. I'll be having a brief absence and will see you all again in May. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March Review, April Goals

Totally forgot to track my habits of water ect halfway through the month

March Goals 

Fitness- Consistently work out 3 days a week. Go to yoga. Never made it to yoga. Also didn't work out at all during spring break, was too busy!

Horses- Pray that my arena gets finished (or even started at this point). Send Z off to pony boot camp. Get horses started back for the year and then kick butt. Yass arena finished! I even lunged horses on it for the first time last week! Z left on Friday to be started and I'm so excited. Everyone except for Mae got started this month! 

Financial- STOP BUYING STUFF. Start saving again. I failed so hard at this during the first two weeks, but I've been great over the last two! Nothing added to savings yet.

Mental-Balance my plate better. Even though I want to be a straight A student, just focus on graduating and spend more time with ponies or doing things just for me. I also downloaded an app to help me remember my daily things like vitamins, now to really see how well I keep track! Totally failed at using the app but hoping to get better. Stopped focusing on school as much (I already have A's) and now going to bust ass to get all the ponies worked. 

April Goals


Fitness- Keep aiming for 3 days a week at gym, 1x a week at PT, and 1x a week yoga. 

Horses- Oversee that Z has a successful startup.  Ride E 4x a week. Bring a pony to a schooling show. 

Financial- Really truly stop buying stuff. Commit to savings. 

Mental- Finish the semester strong. Maintain a clean house.
Organize this monstrosity of a tack room (and sell anything I don't need)