Friday, November 11, 2016


I had a post written 100% about being whiny and having feelings but that is super lame. So instead I want to share what makes me happy and helping me get through not being able to do jack shit.

1) Knowing Riesling is sound and that I put so much effort into his happiness has paid off. It'll be a little while before we are back into work unfortunately, but at least I know he is happy and sound. 

2) Reading. I'm always trying so hard to do things that when I can't I have so much beautiful time to read on theories and applications. I am so eager to apply this in the saddle.

3) Online shopping. I love good deals and I'm relatively poor right now so saving money and getting things are a double whammy win for me. 

4) PUPPER. It is seriously killing me waiting to go pick her up. Plus, I should be able to get a leg up and get to hack around bareback on Merlot! Also I can sit in the baby horse pasture and force them to love me. Animals really are my entire life. Tomorrow is going to be epic (either fail or win..regardless entertaining). 


  1. It's good to look ahead! I look forward to hearing about tomorrow (which is probably today).

  2. Fingers crossed for an epic, winning, amazing day :)

  3. Keep healing girlfriend! The better care you take of yourself now the faster you will be totally healed!

  4. These are pretty great reasons to feel happy!

  5. I can't lie, getting baby dog Kona has been so great for me <3