Friday, July 14, 2017


This is the crazy but awesome life change that flipped my world around and has been occupying my time this past month.

We've (bf and I) moved! CJ owned my last house I rented, the 100+ year old farm house. She mentioned to me last year that she wanted to acquire a bigger and better farm that she would love bf and I to manage. 

She mentioned to me back in April that it looks like it might be happening. We both comtained our excitement until the day the new house closed. The house closed on June 15th and its been a whirlwind leading up to that day and still after. 

We officially moved about 3 weeks ago, but we are definitely still unpacking. Naturally a new barn tour is coming but until then, this the specs on the new diggs. 

10 acres, double the square footage (but our last house was a 750 sqft closet), 11 stall barn (9 of which have attached runs), lighted outdoor roping sized arena. Wohoo! Of course our rent substantially increased as well as the workload, but I couldnt be more excited for the possibilities. 

Oh and one summer class is down, three less credits until I get my degree!