Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Elevator Music

I feel like my blog is so boring and on such a standstill. So just try and get through the boring elevator music for just a few weeks more, I promise fun is on the horizon!

Here is a little life update:

Riesling: Riesling is cleared to go back into work 100%. I threw him on the lunge for my vet and homeboy was rocking and rolling. Normally I have to chase him so this was really exciting to see how good he was feeling!

Baby Z: He was a turd yesterday for getting caught for his fall vaccines. I can't wait to put more baby training on him when I get this dumb boot off. He is huge and in another awkward stage. Much baby fat. I showed my vet his right fetlock deviation and he seemed 100% unconcerned for his future. Yay pony!

Rosewood Farms: We officially have a ranch truck! Her name is Donna. I'll show pictures within the next few days. The ranch is getting even more cleaned up and we are about 95% done with the facelift. Again, pictures are coming I just always wear yoga pants without pockets for my phone forget. Sammie will also be getting a baby sister! I should be going to pick up the little munchin this weekend. YAY PUPPERS.