Friday, November 4, 2016

La Vie Est Belle

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers for sharing some great books (and places to get them!). I have been so eager to read since I can't ride. I'm hoping to sink my nose into some books I've already purchased over the weekend and share my thoughts about them on the blog.

This picture comes from the book Stephanie recommended, Training the Young Horse: The First Two Years. It is one of the very first pictures in the book, and I immediately was intrigued by the lack of throat latch. I think it is safe to say we are now familiar with the brand PS of Sweden and their ground breaking innovation of not using a throat latch on their bridles. I thought this was a rather fascinating find from the past! 

I've only gotten through the first few pages of the book but so far I'm definitely intrigued. My immediate expectation after reading the title was that this is the training for a horse from birth to two years. However, this book is actually the first two years of full on training and recommends this for horses who have not been started around the 3 to 4 age bracket. I'll share more interesting information as I come across it, but the intro to this book gave me a great first impression. 

What other books do you swear by? I have the hunter manual from George Morris (that needs to be read) and a few basic books from when I was a kid, but just because I can't ride doesn't mean I can't learn!  


  1. Oh goodness I love books, some of my faves:

  2. I'm a big fan of the USPC manuals and Jim Wofford's "Training The Three Day Event Horse & Rider"! And "Grooming To Win"!