Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Review: 5/21-22

So empty

I spent Saturday volunteering at our local Dressage Festival. It was freezing and drizzling. I was in charge of the covered warm-up and would send competitors to the indoor arena before their ride time. It was a really slow day. 
Vendors weren't too interesting either so I left empty handed (good for my wallet). The crappy weather led me to go back home and nap. 
Yes I fangirled over CCI event rider Sara Mittlieder 
Sunday's weather wasn't much better. I spent almost 2 hours at Walmart adulting real hard. I joined the cool kids club and bought a FitBit. I mostly did housework and laundry (again- adulting so hard). I even meal prepped for the week! That evening I took Monty out for a good lunge as hes been quite sassy lately. 
He was pretty sure his only job was the weed the arena. I put him to work anyways and he was pretty stiff. I just let him do what he needed to on the lunge for about 10 minutes and let him return to his very important job of weeding. 
He is slowly improving and I have to keep reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day. Today is a Riesling ride and I'll probably take Monty out again this evening to stretch his legs. Happy Monday! 


  1. Napping is usually the best solution for crappy weather.

    Monty takes his weeding very seriously!

  2. Oh let's be friends on fitbit!

    1. That's a thing? I had a fitbit years ago, but didn't know it was social now.

  3. Ha Isabel is pretty sure that she should only have to weed arenas too ;)