Friday, May 20, 2016

Pony Update

Wednesday I had another glorious ride on Princess Ries. The footing in the arena was terrible so I watered a twenty meter section. Despite the limited space he was amazing. We worked more on collection and extension in the trot which he is really getting good at. I also was able to sit some trot! In the canter since our transitions aren't trash anymore I focused on first getting a long loose canter and then collecting up to get some "jump" in his step. We got about three good jump steps tracking right and tracking left I had to focus on loosening him up so nothing really exciting there. 

Unfortunately yesterday started the downpour for the weekend. Rain + limited time because of house sitting just isn't optimal pony time. Dressage Festival is this weekend and I will be volunteering there as well as getting my #buttcloud fitted to Ries better. 

Love seeing progress! 


  1. He wants to eat the kitty :O

  2. That hashtag is killing me!

  3. sounds busy busy! enjoy volunteering at the show!

  4. It's been raining so much here too! Stinks for actually getting to ride. I hope volunteering was fun!