Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tracking Progress

Sometimes life gets busy and I spend my time reminiscing about horse activities.

Lately, I have found every excuse to be at the barn (for good reasons). Coming "home" to the barn after so long was refreshing. I get back into my normal routine without skipping a beat.

The barn is my therapy. I can't dwell on anything negative while I am there. Immediately surrounded by my horse leaves me focused on something new. Life's little problems melt away and I'm instead taking control of my path.

Saturday Riesling started back in "work". Being at the barn with him made me want to take the extra time to put on matching polo wraps and make sure his coat was sparkling. I see a part of myself in him. And he shares his world with me.

I wasn't feeling up to riding but wanted to do more than groom so I figured a good lunge was in order. Just a light one to remind him that yes work is starting again and yes we are still partners.

I tossed on some side reins lightly adjusted just to give him a better sense of balance. Honestly, I wanted to cry tears of joy. My partner for the past six years knew what I wanted and put his head right in the game. I hadn't seen my horse worked on the ground in awhile. I forgot how I loved how he moved. We were fair to each other. He started in his "comfort zone" and after a few minutes I'd push him a little to move forward. We didn't work hard or long. It was a warm welcome back to the land of horses.

I am looking with brightness towards the future and can't wait to share with you all that life has to bring. I have decided that at this point it is not necessary to share the horrible two weeks I experienced. I can't dwell on the past and I've recovered.


  1. Glad you are finding solace in your horse time. :)

  2. i'm so sorry things have been so rough - but am very heartened to see you so decidedly choose to look forward. Riesling looks fabulous and must be so happy to settle back into a routine with you :)

  3. Good to hear you're back at the barn and ready to move forward! :)

  4. Look at that handsome sweet face. How could it not make anyone feel automatically better!

  5. Such a handsome boy! Barn time is the best time.