Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The only pants to wear in winter

I'm fighting through this y'all. Knowing what you have shared on your blogs when you have had hard times reminds me Im not alone. I truely truely appreciate all of your support and it means the world to me.

A not-super-sads post was in store for today. The only pants you should wear all winter. If you have to wear pants. And its not antartica. 

Ariat tek winter riding breeches full seat

These sons of bitches are the holy grail for winter. Winter riding breeches. Thin, yet warm as hell. Look like leggings. Wear them with anything! 

Seriously you'll be lookin all fierce and everyone will be like "how she wearin leggings when its so cold outside?". Because these are magical. And they dont get stupidly hot inside either.

No other words of wisdom for today. Just stock up on these bad boys. Or wear the same pair a few days in a row (if you aren't riding). I won't tell. 


  1. nice! i have a couple pairs of the kerrits fleecey pants which are super warm, but not necessarily 'thin' lol