Monday, October 21, 2019


When I first lead her to the round pen to see her move I felt a warmth radiate from her. She seemed kind and quiet. I let her loose in the round pen and the breeder warned she had never been lunged before. I was curious to see how her brain worked. I raised the lunge whip and she raised an eyebrow back at me. She wasn't flighty. She was curious. She just kind of stared at me until I added more energy. It took a little time to teach her that whip up means go forward. She wasn't intimidated by me or the lunge whip. She really just wanted cuddles and snacks instead of trotting around. I asked her name, "We call her Rosetta." Rosie, I instantly thought. My support group shouted, "Oh my gosh, it's perfect! And your shirt!" I had my dressage "Squad Goals" shirt on that had listed Rosie.

We broke out the grooming box next and she quite contently stood and let me fuss with her. She didn't mind being sprayed, having her feet picked, or anything else in the grooming routine. I was shocked with how well accustomed she was to daily handling; most yearlings can behave but are still ornery. She seemed to enjoy my attention. I took her for a walk around the property and as I headed towards the back the breeder let me know she hadn't been back there before. She was cautiously brave about the new surroundings. When she wasn't sure of something she paused, let her mind digest, and then march forward. When I walked with her I could imagine riding her in the future. She was so quiet yet still had personality. I really liked her. I asked her price and it was reasonable.

I tried to keep myself objective about the situation. I didn't have to buy a horse now. The shirt thing was a weird coincidence. Her being grey was just another random factor. Her brain, movement, and bloodlines were superb for the price, but again, I didn't have to or really need to buy a horse.

I didn't get overly emotional or even express a lot of my dreams for this little grey filly. But after seeing another filly the next day I knew I really wanted her. We spoke about it over margaritas, probably not the best objective drink choice, and we came to the conclusion she had to be mine.

I brought her home July 25th. She cautiously jumped right in the trailer and took the 3 hour journey home no problem. When I unloaded her at the new place she walked off the trailer, took a look around, and turned to me as if to say "ok, now what?" She marched over the bridge and into her new pasture optimistically. She took a small walk around, let the other horses go crazy, and then began to eat her dinner. The sun was setting on a perfect picture complete with a perfect pony. I am so ecstatic and blessed to be able to introduce to you: my Rosie.