Tuesday, February 20, 2018

90 Degrees Right

SPAIN 2010 185 

I made a major life change lately. I really haven't had a real job since I quit my receptionist job for my stepdad back in May of last year.

I took the time to really focus on school and took two summer classes. My main income came from Mr. Visa and house sitting.

I am in an insane amount of credit card debt from that stint. I don't necessarily regret my choice, because lord knows I need to graduate so bad. But my plans to work on a business with my horse trainer hasn't really panned out yet. As much as I also enjoyed house sitting when I just rented a room in a shared house, living and managing a ten acre property and 5-10 of my horse trainer's retirees made house sitting for her and the boarders at her house extremely stressful and time consuming.

So after 8 months of being without a direct deposit, I have a job again. I'm no longer house sitting. I am working in the finance industry and hoping that when I graduate I can move up in the organization. Last week was my first week and a major struggle for my time management. Before I started working I was already struggling with the whole full time school and horses bit. But I tend to thrive on a busy schedule and really need the income so I'm going to make it work. Also, killing the house sitting time commitment and time spent driving back and forth in my car reduces a lot of stress and frees up part of my schedule.

I'm excited and nervous. I'm not going to be a 100% engaged student anymore, but really I don't need A's, I need a diploma. So cheers to life changes and putting in the work to get shit done.


  1. Congratulations on making the changes you needed. I interview all the time for professional staff and I honestly don't care what grades they recieved. I care whether they know how to make use of what they learned.

  2. Congrats on the new job - sounds like some exciting endeavors are in your future!!

  3. Congrats! Hopefully it works out!

  4. Kudos to you for making it work and getting your house in order. It will be hard work, but worth it!