Friday, December 30, 2016


I'm trying to be a more educated individual, however most of my free time is in a car. I don't intend to maim myself by reading a book and driving so I've thought about podcasts. I know there are some super interesting and awesome ones out there. Fill me in, what are your favorites and where do you find them? Both horsey and non-horsey work just fine!


  1. I listen to a TON of podcasts at work! I work in sort of a loud office environment and it really helps me tune out the noise. I have listened to all seasons of This American Life. And quite a lot of The Moth. I really like stories from real people. I am also really hooked into real crime podcasts too. The big one being Serial (I loved Season 1... Couldn't get into season 2). Some news ones I've listened to are: Up and Vanished, Accused and In the Dark. I also listen to Happier by Gretchen Rubin sometimes, it's just about happiness habits...a bit light and fluffy when I need a break from murder stuff. Also Invisibilia is quite good (but there aren't many episodes out). I listen to all my podcasts on podbay, it's free and the site is easy to use.

  2. If you like stories form real people Snap Judgement is fantastic. I also really like Stuff You Should Know. They cover one topic a week and learn and tell you about it. Some topics are better than others, all are entertaining. Wait, Wait, is a fun new/quiz show with comedians, VERY funny. Another fun one is Ask Me Another, a trivia quiz show, fun to play along with.

    1. Wait, Wait, might actually be called Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me

    2. Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me is HILARIOUS. If I could get all my news from them, this whole year would have been a lot easier to swallow lol

  3. I used to listen to This American Life all the time. Love it! Also, I like Horse Radio Network's Horses in the Morning. The hosts get a little too silly sometimes and off track, but they're very positive and funny and have interesting guests like Elisa Wallace, other famous riders, non-famous riders (myself for example), and the like. They do a monthly "Horse Husbands" episode hosted by Timothy Harfield Elisa Wallace's husband who is hilarious. He had my husband on as a guest. I have yet to listen to it. I get embarrassed really easily and my husband is very open and apparently was giving Timothy marriage advice on what to do when Elisa gets done at the barn late. LOL!


    I also like some of Michael Hyatt's podcasts on productivity and blogging. Do you have a good app for listening to podcasts? I would love to listen to more but don't think of it and I have an Audible subscription so that one gets used. Thanks!

  5. For sciency-ish things, classic Radiolab was good. I don't listen to them any longer as they are a bit overproduced, but if one catches my ear I will listen.

    I am a regular Freakonomics and Planet Money listener -- they are both fab.

    True crime podcasts included Casefile, In the Dark, Serial, and (for fun) My Favorite Murder.

    Horsey podcasts -- Dressage and Eventing radio shows. I used to listen to the USEA podcast as well, but it's declined in my preferences.

    Food podcasts -- The Splendid Table, Milk Street Radio, and America's Test Kitchen, and the Serious Eats Podcast.

    Others include the Savage Lovecast (Dan Savage's podcast), Unattended Consequences (Patrick Rothfuss [author] and Max Temkin [created Cards against Humanity]), Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and the Pirate History Podcast.

  6. Definitely going to be stalking the answers since I'm running low on Podcasts. I love This American Life, Serial Season 1, Undisclosed, NPR Marketplace, Freakonomics, Radiolab, Criminal, More Perfect, In The Dark.