Thursday, June 2, 2016


So wittle

I never fully got to explain my baby pictures of this little guy. Zoltar is a Zweibrücker RPSI gelding. He was born out of draft cross (I don't remember her actual breeding) and by a gorgeous warmblood (Hanoverian? Holsteiner? I don't remember. I suck at this)

Zoltar was originally named Osczar due to his mom's name, Emmy. The sire's lineage commonly has a "cz" in the names. Luckily, this name was scrapped and Zoltar was named after the fortune teller in the movie "Big".

Zoltar had a "brother" who unfortunately passed away to colic as a weanling. Even though Dellazio only scored a silver, he was the promising colt between the two. Zoltar was Emmy's maiden foal so he is a little wonky and only scored a bronze.

Baby Z before he was weaned
Zoltar has always been a little sweety. Whenever I was at CJ's between riding or house sitting I always gave him a little snuggle. I would make little kissy noises and he would press his muzzle against my face.

With the devastating loss of Dellazio, CJ was more connected to Zoltar and wanted to see him go to a loving home, more so than selling him for his future potential.

I currently live at CJ's old farm house that typically houses her retired horses and broodmares. It is also a good place for baby Z to just grow up for a few years.

With his slightly deviated pastern CJ was concerned about his prognosis. I ventured with her to Idaho Equine Hospital where we met with a vet and discussed the concerns. The vet remained positive and had a strong belief that with additional growth his chest would open and his pastern would right itself. Even if it didn't, the time for surgery has passed and he is completely sound on it. We took baby Z to my house for his final destination for the day and as CJ was leaving she asked if I wanted him.

I joked that he would be living at my house anyways for at least the next two years anyways so he basically is mine (for now). We laughed and the conversation diverted. And as she drove away she shook my hand (??) and said "Congratulations!" I kind of stood there dumbfounded as she drove away.

He is so big now!
And that is the story of how I now own a yearling (what is my life).

Luckily, this baby isn't just dumped on me and CJ comes out to worm and help with other tasks at the farm as well. I more or less am being given the opportunity to bring up a wonderfully smart and sweet baby horse. I've mostly spent my time just bonding with him in the late evenings after dinner. He is an absolute wonderful treat to have at my house and work with. Here goes the #babyzadventures!


  1. I love a blaze face, congrats! He's super cute :)

  2. Oooh what a sweetie! I hope you have loads of fun with him!

  3. He's sooooo cute! I can't wait to see what you're able to do with him, what an awesome baby horse!

  4. So awesome! What a cute face!

  5. Squee! He has the sweetest face!!