Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Storm

From left to right: Czoltar, Vermont, and Merlot!

Ever since I've started back at school I've just been in this overwhelming rush. Nothings been getting done and my to do list just keeps stacking up and I can't get it to go down. On top of all the Riesling depression, I just found out the hound dog has thyroid cancer. This time of year all my bad karma catches up to me.

So I've made a decision. Fuck it. I've gotten through life thus far on the seat of my pants I'm not going to worry about all the things I never got done.

Best view out my kitchen window

I'm taking each day at a time and really taking a step back. I'm dropping a class in school that I really don't need (while still graduating on time) and probably won't spend much time riding for the rest of the year. I haven't been able to take care of myself and that comes first.

My horses still get out and get loved every day. I'm still going to take my tests and pass my classes, just probably won't read any of my textbooks.

Skeptical doggo is skeptical. Need to introduce her still!

I just need to take care of myself for once. I normally can get going on a kick for 3 ish months before something happens and I'm doing the bare minimum. I want a high standard of self care to be my new bare minimum.

Also I really enjoy reading blogs and writing them, so I'm making that a bigger priority. With one of my classes gone I hope to use that time instead to read and write. What is it with fall that my life seems to always go haywire?


  1. When you are depressed it is definitely best to do what you've done and taken a step back and take care of yourself first. I found blogging very cathartic during my rough patches (well almost all of them). If something starts feeling like a burden ditch it too for a time to get your life back to feeling right.


  2. You need to take care of yourself. After that everything else is gravy. Take your time.

  3. Good for you! Self care is incredibly important. When you've got a good self care ritual, everything else falls into place.