Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Review: Equifit Hanging Boot Organizer

Terrible quality because my iPhone doesn't like to function
Price: $34.95
Purchased From: Riding Warehouse

Initial Thoughts:

When I first saw this online I thought it was a cool idea compared to getting a janky over the door shoe organizer and for $35 was worth a shot. There are 24 mesh pockets with elastic tops and it fits 12 pairs of boots. Or so it says, I wanted to test the claim and see how many I could actually stuff in there.

Final Thoughts:

The organizer seems durable and hangs from two metal loops. I think its kind of a dumb design but I'm not sure if I could personally come up with better. It does get the job done. I screwed some screws in my door for my tack room and hang it off of that.

The bottom row holds a set of 4 Dalmar cross country boots. I don't think these boots would double up well. Above that I have a set of Equifit open fronts and you can see I stacked the ankle boots on top of the fronts and that fits well. Medium DSBs can fit a pair per pocket but large or extra large requires each boot to have their own pocket. I currently have 11 pairs of boots shoved in there with 6 more empty pockets (which is good because I have more boots hiding somewhere). Overall this can hold more than 12 pairs if you are a hoarder like me. I think for the price this is a really great way to store boots. If I had a bigger door I'd probably buy 2 of these and hang them side by side that's how much I like this.

What storage items do you have for your tack room that you love?


  1. It looks just like the shoe over the door hanger

  2. I agree with L. A cheapie Wal-Mart substitute might do the trick. I don't own that many boots, so dang girl! Hoarding level 10.