Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where the Surf Meets the Turf

Double Decker Busses
Del Mar, CA. The perfect views, perfect weather, horse mecca of San Diego. Home to riders such as Stephen Peters, vet hospital Helen Woodward, and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. Where I found my heart horse, Riesling. This place is where my dreams would come true.

As a girl I competed in the GSDHJA circuit. The week long end of year show was hosted here at horse park. It was always my dream more than anything to have my horse in the temporary stall, wake up early to salty beach air, and spend my birthday week (coincidence?) doing what I loved most. 

Unfortunately, soon after my parents divorce, my showing came to a screeching halt and I would never find myself showing here. But it is something I always dreamed of. 

La Mundial was there! 
My mom grew up riding in Rancho Santa Fe, a close second to my favorite place. What Rancho Santa Fe didn't have was my favorite tack store and my favorite event of the summer, the San Diego County Fair. 

My favorite flower, the Dahlia
Apparently these were for equestrians?

The fair is my must do every summer. I've gone every year since I can remember, and it always brings me positive memories. We always got to take a friend with us and had unlimited ride wristbands. One of my first memories at the fair is sitting in the garden show area and my mom pulling egg salad sandwiches for us to eat out of her Winnie The Pooh backpack. 

Carne Asada Fries mmm
Bacon Bomb

My grandpa worked at the fair every summer as well. He ran a handwriting personality test booth. One year, he was able to give me a GIANT white tiger stuffed animal to take home; the ones that cost over $20 in games to win. I still wish I had that tiger today.

Saddleseat horse show
If I had the choice to live anywhere in the world it would be Del Mar. Yeah the traffic sucks and it is ridiculously expensive, but the nostalgia and beauty is unparalleled. Someday, I will find myself showing at Horse Park. Even if I'm only living in a hotel room for a few days, my life dream will be fulfilled. 

Horse Display 


  1. Everything about this seems awesome except la Mundial... I despise that company now.

  2. Ugh so cool! I will need to plan a trip for the future :)

  3. Looks like a lovely place! And I need those carne asada fries in my life.

  4. It's so lovely!! I love dahlias too!