Thursday, August 23, 2018

All Aboard

The past three weeks I've been sick/injured. I'm not sure exactly what happened but my chest x-rays show a swollen lung and bronchitis. Now, this is not a woe is me post, but my issues currently allow me to take a mini break from life and get back to things that have fallen by the way-side. Aka this blog. 

So what has happened that I need to recap (is this blog just turning into once every other month recaps on my life?):

Test look back from Boise River Dressage
Les Bois Dressage Show
First Level Dressage Debut (!!!!!!)

And that is about all the exciting stuff. I've missed blogging, and catching up on blogs.I have this weird association with blogging that made me lose my voice for awhile. It seemed like if I had nothing big or exciting to share no one would care (uh why do I care what people think? Its my blog!) and after going so long without writing it just seemed like one of those things to keep ignoring. I have this problem where I am 100% the object at rest stays at rest. It is hard for me to get moving again once I start slacking off. However, I've learned this about myself and I'm trying to be more retrospective. 

I hope everyone had a lovely summer, and I will be silently lurking in the background, speed reading a few months worth of blogs!

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