Thursday, June 8, 2017

Where to begin

Holy crap my life has been crazy lately! A good kind of crazy! I'm determined to catch back up on blogging (including reading all of your posts!)

Bf has left and come back from his trip to Canada and I found myself spending 6+ hours in my car everday- hence lack of blogging. 

Thank god my car gets good gas mileage. I got tired of the radio after the first hour and remembered my post a million ages ago about podcasts and finally downloaded some and audiobooks! 

I listened to The Book Thief (fiction novel) and BossyPants (by Tina Fey). I found that I got kind of bored of audiobooks but if you need some laughs and have a long time to spend in the car, definitely listen to BossyPants! Tina gives pieces of advice based off her life stories and also throws in a ton of humor. I didnt have an opinion on her before listening, and I love her now. 

I've also downloaded the Horse Radio Network App and it is life for me now. I still am spending an ungodly amount of time in my car because of summer classes, but Im not even mad because I love listening to these shows. They are mostly educational talks but also include coverage of events and people. Obsessed. 

One thing that used to bug me about myself that nearly all of you are better at than me is keeping up with riders/horses/events. I now am starting to feel like I could hold a conversation about the goings on in eventing, dressage, and hunter/jumper! I also could throw in some track info because OTTBs are fantastic and even though our local track is gone, I like keeping up with racing. 

Do you listen to any horse radio? What would you do to stay sane when you basically live out of your car? 


  1. I'm a big horse radio network fan - same as you, I download and listen while driving

  2. I listen to a lot of audio books and I have Sirius for NPR/PRX/BBC.

  3. I didn't love any horse radio episodes, maybe the ones I randomly picked were not the best. I love Lea Thau's Strangers podcast, has kept me sane for my very long daily commute.