Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adventures at QR

Y'all probably remember Baby Winston who lived at my house that I wanted. Well, his breeder/owner is J at QR. J also was the one who purchased Monty off the track and restarted him. Now that my horse trainer CJ is getting out of breeding, shes put time and money investing into J's program. Her first crop was last year. She lost one foal but the other two, Winston & Windchime, scored silver and gold at RPSI inspection last year. They have both sold, and now we are on to the second and third crop! 

There are two fillies for inspection next year, and two more fillies and a colt for the year after that. Because I can't resist baby horses, even though our riding plans got cancelled, I headed out there yesterday morning to go cuddly all the babies. 

This handsome guy is Winchester, who was orphaned. Hes been bottle fed since birth and as a result, absolutely the friendliest guy around. I woke him up from his nap and snuggled him. We are hoping he will score gold and will go to the stallion test. 

Even though J is a mare person, there is a gelding that seemed to have snuck in her heard. I might have a little crush on him. He is a 5/6 year old TB that was race trained but never raced. An acquaintance of hers bought him from his trainer in hopes to restart him as a sport horse. She was to board him at J's until her place was ready to go. Well after loss of communication and no payment, hes basically been abandoned at J's for the past two years. Her goal has been to restart him and sell him, but with her kids and building her barn he has been put on the back burner. 
So naturally, I had to go snuggle him. He is a sweet guy and J reports he is a cute mover. I'm hoping to hop on him within the next few weeks and see what he is like. 

Because he wasn't right for the track, he was never raced and was never registered. And obvi he needs a name so I can fall for him. So I've named him Merlot. He has the cutest pony ears and fluffy forelock. And because I have Riesling, I figured I'm going to start the wine theme. Can't wait to hop on him!