Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I swear. Blogging becomes impossible when life gets crazy. I need to just pre-write posts. That requires work though.

Anyways. Wednesday, my parents dog attacked the other dog. Yikes. 

Ive been helping my parents with Rocky to recover. The dog that went cray is at the dog trainers. Can't figure out what happened. Poor sweet Rocky.

Monday my mom had a scheduled surgery. So I helped take care of her and the dog yesterday. 

Today I started an adult job. Ick. Oh wells, I need monies.

Short update on life. Planning on writing a post today or tomorrow (hopefully). Time to return back to our regularly scheduled program. Stressed Micaylah is going to play with Ries (finally). X 


  1. Yikes - poor puppy!! Hopefully he and your mother are both healed up and feeling better soon! Good luck w the new job too :)

  2. Wow super busy & stressful!
    Sending healing vibes