Thursday, March 19, 2015

Monogramming: A Way Of Life

Yes. Bling is a way of life. And you know who its best friend is? Thats right, monograms.

Being preppy takes a lot of commitment. But damn I look fabulous doing it. #cantstopwontstop

I house sit for a nice lady who is obsessed with crafting. She owns a nice little vinyl cutter so of course that means MAKE ALL THE THINGS. 

The Silhouette Machine
Silhouettes can be picked up for around $250 on overstock or I have seen them cheaper on craigslist. 

New Boot Monogram
Yeah, I'm owning up to wearing tall boots that don't get polished enough. But hey, look at that sweet ass monogram instead! 

Digital Version of my monogram

Yikes- no curly monograms that small
 Sometimes the Silhouette Machine disappoints. Like when it eats my monograms, therefore meaning "YO tone down on the curlz font. None of this smaller than 2" plz."

I made dis octopus nail sticker

 But sometimes its like "yeah you needed an octopus on your nail. I got you bro."

Hmm what are these for?

Future bridle tags right here.

Spreading the love of all things preppy with my horsie friends. These are for RedHeadLins
I am a nice friend
so perf
Why all the monograms you ask?

Because I want everyone to know my beautiful strap goods and Ries's blankies ect. are MINE. Ya know, just in case.


  1. Omg I might need one of these machines for myself!

  2. haha if i had that machine i would never stop until everything was covered. everything. carry on haha

  3. Monogram all the things!!!!!

  4. OMG I would be so excited to design my own monogram. NEED DIS

  5. EEEEK why have we not got together to stick pink monograms on all my things!????