Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Real Blogs

I feel like my blog is a diary of my riding. Which is kinda cool, I guess. But the ultra-cool blogs always are informative and talk about things other than their horse (which is going to be hard for me to do). So my next post, after this weekend recap, will be something cool. (My adjectives are on point today!)

My main weekend goal was to avoid real responsibilities like homework, not spending money, and laundry. Hehe. SprinklerBandit, RedHeadLins, and I all went on a pony adventure saturday. SB and I started the day off by eating pizza. No better way to start the day. Then we met Lins at the local tack shop that was going out of business (that both RHL and I both worked at). I may or may not have gotten some loot (Im having to censor because Im sure you all saw that apparently my mom found my blog). I will do a loot haul here soon, because I enjoy vicariously living through other peoples shopping adventures and figured you would too.

We then went to Linds' barn. SB and I rode her BO's horses. It felt like the saddle club. So majestic.
I rode the cutest of ponies named Zida who is a RPSI mare. I also promptly forgot how to ride in a jump saddle. My jump saddle will have a debut here soon.

Sunday I slept a lot and rode da Ries. He was good as usual and our song came on at the end of our ride again. I smiled! I then napped more and that was my day. 

So my few and far between readers, what do you want to see me post? So, you know, my readers will no longer be few and far between. 


  1. Personally, I vote recipes! Just because I love baking almost as much as you. And also selfishly for me, maybe a college update here and there? I don't know what actually informative things you should post- I'm trying to figure it out myself! I feel like I have plenty to say, just nothing that's particularly interesting or informative. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :)

  2. Whoa, it is a M-Sizzle in a jump saddle! You look pretty snazzy on Zida! Maybe next time I will be able to go do pony adventures. Because the musketeers need to be together!

  3. RHL & you look fab and match in your lovely right coloured tops ♡

  4. More pony adventures!

    Also you should do crafting posts because you are da bomb at crafts.

  5. great pictures!! and love the saddle club reference - brings back memories lol.

    and re: blog content, i kinda love the 'rider diary' type stuff (and include a lot of it on my own blog)... but really anything horsey that you specifically care about makes for good content. whether it's about equipment or goals or past experiences or general observations... whatever you want!

  6. Blog what you want, seriously, personalities shine when you do you.