Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pegleg no more!

I am no longer #peglegmuskateer. Back to #pimpmuskateer! After reading Sprinkler Bandit's post, who is #tackhomuskateer, I think being the pimp is accurate.

Anyways, yeaterday I lunged my poneh. And was a moron about it. Sorry Ries. 

I was all "lets lunge over the jump!" And watched as my lunge line caught on the standard. Moron.

He was slow and steady.

And acting like a hunter pony. Of which, he will start jump jump training tomorrow! We have our first lesson of jumping since probably around 4 years ago. Wee! I can't wait. Trying to get someone to come out and take pics. Cause that would be legit.

Other than that..I rode one of CJ's ponies this morning. It was awful. I felt like a sac of potatoes and CJ was like "what happened?" and I was like "#pegleglife"

I'll have a more entertaining post tomorrow, I swear.


  1. yay for your knee being all better! exciting about the lesson too - take pictures!!

  2. I adore your use of hashtags.

    The last time I longed and got a line stuck on a standard, my decidedly spooky tb stopped and glared at me. He was all "it's not even worth being scared of this bull**** because you're stupid."

    I hope you get photos!