Monday, February 23, 2015

Week Recap 2/16-2/22

Happy Monday!

Jk. Everyone hates Mondays. Including me. Even though I only have two classes starting at noon. I wake up and just groan. Anyways, some food for thought for the week.

What did I do last week?

Well, I moved. A lot. It sucked. A lot. I managed to ride twice. There will be a post tomorrow for Throwback Tuesday (I didn't want to wait until Thursday) to talk about a lesson I had two weeks ago and never blogged about.

I also did something magical. And fun. With the help of SprinklerBandits.

The last time I jumped was 51 weeks ago. This is super depressing because not only do I have a horse who loves to jump, I have a glorious set of jump tack, too.
Such an old pic.

Before that, I jumped 67 weeks ago. Before that was over two years ago in California. The last time I regularly jumped was not long after a show I did in fall of 2011. Yikes.

So after selling my dressage saddle to SB, I wanted to get moar fun toys. This time I got an Ogilvy pad and a CWD breastplate. Yeah, those I was NOT going to let collect dust.

So Sunday Funday happened and I jumped. I will post a re-cap about it probably on Thursday.

Wow, I have lots of blogs planned for once in my blogging life. Crazy I know.

I also wanted to talk about my new years resolution post. For me, moving brings about feelings of change. What have I done since January 1st? Have a made an effort to accomplish my goals? Am I as far along as I want to be? Absolutely not.

A few things that I'm going to be working harder towards: eating better and exercising regularly. I have yet to establish a morning and night routine. This will happen as well, once I am fully settled into my new place.

Apologize for the rambling, but I believe Mondays will be dedicated to self reflection and talking about cool things in the upcoming week and anything cool I did last week that I didn't mention previously.

Super boring, I know. Hopefully my super rad photos will make up for it.


  1. Yay for jumping & shiney new tack ♡♡♡
    You guys look fab in the jumping photos & that pizza looks delish

  2. You know what I am excited for? More posts by Micaylah.

  3. So many things in those jumping pictures, boots, pads, leather goods...swoon!

  4. ahhh yay for jumping!!!! and super sweet tack!!! looking forward to the lesson recap too :)

  5. I know for a fact there are more jumping pictures.