Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Musings

Another week done.

What happened:

Rode Vermont. He was super on Tuesday. He tried to kill me on Friday.
I iz naughty.

Rode Ries pie. He was slow. Spurs are coming out.

Rode Gracie, who promptly decided hand walking was bullshit and dragged me down to the ground. RIP Ariat Breeches. 

Managed to go a whole day without noticing massive holes in my pants. Cool.
New bedding!

One of my new roomies is moving out. Im pretty sure I have the worst luck ever.

Plans for this week:

Only one post behind in blogging land. Ready for a sunday funday with jumps again. Go to classes (spring break is next week!) STOP BUYING ALL THE THINGS. SprinklerBandit is a bad influence.


  1. You sure are a busy one! Poor knee.

  2. As long as we buy all the things together, it's ok. Right?

  3. aw that knee looks super painful :( at least retail therapy helps??

  4. Ouchies, sorry about the breeches & the fall. Hope your knee is doing better!