Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Talk about Tuesday: Polo Wraps

Sometimes our polos don't match and Ries makes disappointed faces at me

As you all are aware I have been dubbed #peglegmuskateer, I have been avidly wrapping my knee with a stretchy bandage(so full of technical terms this morning). I've used this to provide support and keep an ice pack still. As I was rolling and wrapping the bandage I thought to myself what a beautiful world "I feel like I am polo wrapping myself!"

So here is my theory-

When I wrap my leg, it feels better.

It is easier to walk on because of the support this provides.

Theoretically- this should pass over to polo wraps. They are somewhat similar in style, not exact but similar.

Here is my only issue with my theory that polo wraps are supportive-

I am wrapping a soft and squishy area of my body that is moveable. Polo wraps are normally on cannon bones that are not soft and squishy (lets hope) and are stable (ie not a hock or knee). Does this reduce the support? Or does this completely null the support that polo wraps would otherwise provide?

Again, just my theory. I do not currently wrap my horses legs with the intention of providing support. I wrap because they are pretty and make my outfit complete because they protect my horse's legs from brushing injuries when he forgets where his legs go.

Just my .02. 


  1. I basically never wrap unless a vet tells me to. Just not my favorite thing!

  2. Totally agreed. A polo wrap is not going to provide support, not even to the fetlock. I wrap because it keeps the fill around Pig's arthritic ankles in check, and protects him cuts if/when he whacks himself during a histrionic fit.

  3. Yeah pretty much the outfit thing. It makes it easier for my instructor to see my horse's legs, right?

  4. It may not be squishy like our legs but there are sundry different soft tissues in there that a well placed polo will protect and offer some level of support to...that said many of the polos I see put on are indeed only going to project against blunt force injuries.

  5. I want to learn to polo wrap for vain matchy-matchy reasons, but honestly can't see them offering much in the way of support.
    Do they not encourage heat retention too? Or am I way off base in my ignorance here...but my reasoning would be that all wrapped up snug ad a bug in a rug the tendons would be at risk of overheating unless the fact polo's are fleece have similar wicking capabilities as quarter sheets?

  6. I'm too lazy for polo wraps. Boots go on in 1/4 the time, and they do a better job of protecting when they interfere or hit a jump.

  7. there's some doubt about whether *any* type of wrap or boot provides actual support for the horse... but they definitely do protect the legs so i generally always have something on the front legs. polos only go on when i'm feeling extra fancy tho (thus making the effort worth it haha)