Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Musings: #Peglegmuskateer

Monday of Spring Break! And what am I doing? Working. All the cool kids went to Vegas. The cooler kid is working to try and justify buying Monacos. Oops.

Last week was boring. I rode on Thursday and managed to work out some stiffness in my leg. However, my knee then cussed me out the entire way home. Oops.

Friday I most definitely did not ride, and in an effort to spend my spring break doing pony things, I took off the entire weekend. I slept, iced my knee, watched movies. So boring, but it was fun sleeping. And then Micaylah was naughty. I was on English Tack Trader..and found Monacos in my size. Sorry not sorry? Still haven't decided if they are coming home. But as I was polishing my tall boots last week and I noticed they got shredded/scratched from falling last Saturday. Grr.

This morning my scab ripped off. Ouch. Then there was blood everywhere. And it looked kinda gnar on the inside. Insert hydrogen peroxide. Omg since when does that stuff hurt? Apparently when you don't take care of your knee properly. Ugh.

Blog has a fresh new look. I apologize if anyone had to deal with the giant-ass banner at the top. My work computer told me it looked normal. Liar.

Well that is enough random nonsense for one morning.

Oh! Quick shout out to Jodi at RacingToRide for featuring me in her upcoming blogger series! Yay!


  1. Omg that pug on the left is so me. Also I think you need Monacos.

  2. Fool, quit using the hydrogen peroxide. Put a nice slab on neosporin on some gauze and tape that sucker on there. You don't want to dry and harden in up, you want mobility with healing. (Note: I am no doctor but played with my scab situations all the time). We need you to heal so you can play ponies in fancy boots. Heck yes.

  3. aww boo gnarly knee!! hope that heals up quickly :(

  4. Knee injuries are the worst! Especially if you don't have some giggly drunken tale to go with it. Ahaha.

  5. Hurry up & heal knee!
    Ps buying Monaco should totally help the healing right?!

  6. Please buy the monacos! Then I can live vicariously through you! They are so pretty!