Friday, March 13, 2015

Whoah I jumped.

And sucked. But it hasn't been but 51 weeks since I last jumped. And a solid 4 years before it was anything regular. Yikes.

This is from 2/22 - catching up again cuz I suck. 

So the last time I jumped Ries was like "YAY WEE JERMPS ERMG" And little me was like "my horse is cray- CRY" 

So I had the morale support of SB because Im a wimp. 

"Dis is fun- jump saddle less uncomfortable than I remember." 

"I iz no longer dressage horse" -Ries "HOW DO I LOOK LESS AWKWARD!" -Me 

"Too small. Must canter." -Ries

"Srs lady I can't jump this it is impossible."

He looks kinda majestic? 

"I guess its kinda a jump"

"Pls make this bigger" -Ries
"I can just step over this. Much easier"

Yikes my upper body.

The long shot.

"Hes not trying. Can I pls make jump bigger?" -SB

Ries was like "oh its a real jump."

Superman lolz

I haz cute poneh. That still isnt really trying. Ps- don't zoom in on my face lol

My face is awesome here too.


As you saw- Ries was unimpressed. Thanks to SB for pics and morale support. Not too shabby after 4 years regular jumping and 51 weeks since we last saw a jump. 


  1. Your faces lol! Love your bright colors!

  2. yay what fun!!! he's adorable and looks like he enjoyed himself too ! :)

  3. Reis is a confirmed jump jump pony now! <3