Friday, March 27, 2015

Flash Back Friday: Jump show 2011

I told you it would be entertaining. I hope your eyes don't bleed. This was my last show that I did. In honor of my jump lesson tonight, I thought I would give y'all something to compare my next set of photos with. Sometimes that means a sacrificial post of awful riding pictures. We all started somewhere right?

Ries has a red ribbon in his tail because as a former racehorse he doesn't like horses up his ass
My helmet gave me a glorious mushroom head
 Now to the good shit.

Hello blond hair and babyface

The most glorious of all cottage cheese butts

I think my face says it all

I'm going to stop there. I don't have much more to say, I mean I'm truly speechless, lol. Let's hope after four years I grew out of my awkward phase. And da chubs too (I say as I am drinking coffee and eating a muffin). 


  1. Ahw you're so hard on yourself! I'm sure you're a totally different rider now than you were four years ago.

  2. haha you're too funny. i think these pictures are great - and i'm excited to hear how the lesson went!! also tho, my blog is nothing if not a collection of sacrificial posts with awful riding pictures... and i'm kinda ok with that :)

  3. Jump face, all of us have glamorous jump faces lol

  4. Awesome photos, hope the lesson goes (went?) well ☺

  5. I make the best jumping faces too lol