Friday, March 20, 2015

Brain Leakage

So uh, my thoroughbred lost his brain the other day when I attempted to take him on the road. We got about half a mile down with some light contact, a little concerned, but that was fine. Then he did a 180 and spun around and was like NOPE. So I told him he was good and we could go home. Omg. My horse lost his marbles. It was a mixture of jigging, rearing-ish, trying to crowhop, wanting to take off, wanting to buck. We settled on a side pass. He had NO idea what to do with himself and the little cows in the field next to us.

I tried to just tell him to just walk forward and that they weren't going to eat him, but he didn't believe me. We managed to make it home, half passing almost the entire way. It was kind of funny zig zagging back and forth. Granted if my left leg wasn't completely useless, #peglegmuskateer, I probably could have been more effective in negotiating with him. However, left leg was basically useless and I was like "plz don't kill my knee moar".
We then proceeded back into the arena, and I decided he needed worked for real. I trotted five strides and my knee was like "NOPE" and he was itching to go forward so we cantered. And cantered. On the buckle. I just was a potato sack on top of him and gave him full discretion. He was a total gentlemen and ran around until he decided he was done and then just stopped.
So it worked itself out afterwords, but I want to enjoy leaving the arena and use it as a "break" and not work. Any suggestions?

I rode again last night, slightly less painful. I could trot about 20 or so strides before I had to walk. The more my muscles stretched the more I was able to do. We played around with poles and I told him that I can't support him atm and he just needed to go. He got the message after a few whip taps and took care of me. Somehow he realized the poles were fun and just navigated around himself. Much more successful ride as #peglegmuskateer.

However, last night and this morning my knee was really pissy at me. I'm going to see if taking the day off from riding will help at all. I seriously didn't think I injured it this bad. I can't let this get in the way of me showing. My expected first show will be May 16!


  1. aww boo! i feel like between the injuries and spectacularly failed attempts at 'relaxing' trail rides, we're kinda dealing w the same nonsense... my game plan for getting a better ride outside the arena next time is to not go solo... we'll see! hope your knee feels better soon!

  2. #peglegmuskateer might be the best hashtag ever! I hope that your knew gets better soon!

  3. I can cut your leg off for you and get you a real peg leg. Problem solved.

  4. Oh dear. Sassy ponies always when we hurt. Love those buckle cruises though! Hope your knee calms down soon.

  5. Oh thoroughbreds... hang in there #pegleg!

  6. You asked on my blog, and I gave just a few quick tips there. It's hard to know what will work with each horse, but I would start by taking it slow and not being afraid to just hop off and walk them when they get stupid and out of their brains.

    Obviously you probably need a functioning knee for that. #kneefail #sosorryhealfast #sometimesthoroughbredsaredumb

  7. Love the #peglegmuskateer deff win in my book!
    Sorry to hear that your knee is acting up, keeping everything crossed for a speedy recovery!