Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Late Monday Musings: Sunburned

We did dressage instead of jump jump on Friday

Oops. Spring break was over yesterday and it was so nice outside that my roomie and I decided to skip class and enjoy the day playing pong in our backyard. #collegelife

Micaylah and McKayla
We definitely didn't put chalk eyebrows on Baby Gus

Saturday my roomate, McKayla, and I adventured to wally world in her little Jeep Wrangler. Sometimes I think we are the same person. It is almost weird how much a like we are. Anyways, we picked up a backyard set for the house and a regulation size pong table, because #collegelife.

I went the entire ride fogetting about my stunna shades on my head

New bonnet and browband!

Sunday I went to CJ's house and rode 3 ponies. Vermont is starting to figure out our training program really well. Hes an OTTB eventer that was laid off for quite sometime. I also rode CJ's mount Argorn who is a warmblood that recently was rehabbed. He has a ton of buttons but we are working on building up his muscle first. Vermont's owner came out and I warmed up one of the school horses, Czoey, for her while she did some trotting on Vermont. Czoey is trained so it was fun working on my position rather than the horse. I love how all the different horses point out different flaws in your riding. It makes every ride a different challenge.
Oooh shiney

So that was my weekend.

Friday's jump lesson got cancelled because MM's, new trainer,son had surgery and wasn't recovering well. Now we are shooting for Saturday morning. Let's see how it goes.

I am currently recovering from a good sunburn that I got while riding on Sunday. Super pumped to be able to wear tank tops and even get sunburns again!

Yay Spring! 5 weeks left of school, then it is summertime, homies.


  1. Your pink bling game is strong in these pictures :)

  2. Love the epic distractions and fab weather ya'll are having! Considering the crazy hail & windstorm rocking Europe this week I've begun to forget what summer feels like *gulp*
    Hope all goes well with the last few weeks of school, that garden furniture is totes conducive to brain power recharging & study time *nods*

  3. i got my first touch of sunburn last weekend and it was *glorious* haha... sounds like good times had by all :)

  4. Replies
    1. Of course it was beer pong! I try not to intentionally disclose my drinking habits so I just leave the status of what was in the cups up to reader discretion