Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Green Bean Thoughts

So fancy in his inherited PSOS bridle

Being given the opportunity to ride such a well trained horse as Evita certainly has been a blessing. But, it makes riding and wanting to ride the green horses a lot less motivating. I can get on Evita and pretty much put her exactly how I want her and do whatever suits my fancy. And I started to run into trouble with my greenie. 

Greenie's first side rein

Merlot has an incredible work ethic and despite his spookiness, is a pretty chill dude under saddle but after prioritizing my rides on Evita I found I would get frustrated and pushy with Merlot. And it isn't fair. He toodles like a pro, but if I try and put on trainer pants, I started to expect he had an education when he didn't. Even though Ries was not a dressage pro, he had a foundation put on him and once trainer taught me to unlock and develop it, we were golden. But greenie he was not.

Mer and V Have a huge bromance. Also photo bomb by Mae and E (E is in fly mask)

So here I am sitting with a lovely pony who will work sun up to sun down and give you snuggles when the day is done. But I really don't know how to get that first step of the dressage foundation put on him. So we toodled and moved at a snails pace. I tried to do "hey look, if I weight this seat bone and put on this leg you move over" and "I know contact feels weird but I'm just going to have soft forgiving hands" and yet I felt my tool bag kind of empty. 

So many smiles <3

I had my first dressage lesson on Merlot two weeks ago and that helped so much. It was enough of a push but also a "we are only focusing on one thing this entire lesson" that I finally feel I have a start in the dressage direction. I knew I looked like a sack of potatoes riding a llama but I couldn't help but smile. I didn't just buy a green horse because I think he will be fancy and he has a forgiving attitude (and I have a limited budget), but for how much I wanted to experience the process of bringing a green horse up and how much joy it gives me.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

An Intro: The past month

So my little hiatus lasted a little longer than planned. But that's ok, I'm here now and want to start back with a small intro to the next few posts.

1) I got engaged! Holy crap was this a total 360 in my life. Luke proposed at his birthday party (end of April) I hosted for him after blowing out the candle (I actually forgot candles for his cake and had him blow out a giant yankee candle lol). It was so lovely to have our friends and family there. I am so so thrilled. No, there is no date yet, my focus is my last semester of college!

Baby Z's third ride!

2) Ponies are doing swell. Baby Z has been rocking baby boot camp and I've even ridden him twice now! He comes home in about two weeks. Mae has been a little brat and I haven't gotten to ride her yet, she needs to graduate from my stop-being-a-brat-about-work groundwork bootcamp. Vermont has been a super steady guy and very easy for rides. Merlot definitely is showing his green side but so so willing (and gorgeous to look at omg). And finally, Evita has been my rock and so much fun.

3) I finished my second to last semester of college with a fantastic GPA. My work continues to be nice and they even gave me an internship for summer to get some credits knocked out. I'm looking forward to my future outside of college.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Friday the 13th

The past two weeks have been super quiet on the blog front. Im getting a temporary moment of air, but as finals come up, Im drowning again.

My grandmother went into the hospital on 4/3 and last Friday my family and I watched her take her final breaths.

I've got a lot more going on, but that tipped the boat. I'm not currently ok, but know sunny skies lie ahead. I'll be having a brief absence and will see you all again in May. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March Review, April Goals

Totally forgot to track my habits of water ect halfway through the month

March Goals 

Fitness- Consistently work out 3 days a week. Go to yoga. Never made it to yoga. Also didn't work out at all during spring break, was too busy!

Horses- Pray that my arena gets finished (or even started at this point). Send Z off to pony boot camp. Get horses started back for the year and then kick butt. Yass arena finished! I even lunged horses on it for the first time last week! Z left on Friday to be started and I'm so excited. Everyone except for Mae got started this month! 

Financial- STOP BUYING STUFF. Start saving again. I failed so hard at this during the first two weeks, but I've been great over the last two! Nothing added to savings yet.

Mental-Balance my plate better. Even though I want to be a straight A student, just focus on graduating and spend more time with ponies or doing things just for me. I also downloaded an app to help me remember my daily things like vitamins, now to really see how well I keep track! Totally failed at using the app but hoping to get better. Stopped focusing on school as much (I already have A's) and now going to bust ass to get all the ponies worked. 

April Goals


Fitness- Keep aiming for 3 days a week at gym, 1x a week at PT, and 1x a week yoga. 

Horses- Oversee that Z has a successful startup.  Ride E 4x a week. Bring a pony to a schooling show. 

Financial- Really truly stop buying stuff. Commit to savings. 

Mental- Finish the semester strong. Maintain a clean house.
Organize this monstrosity of a tack room (and sell anything I don't need)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring Break

Why yes it is halfway through spring break and I'm JUST NOW POSTING.

The arena is finished! I have yet to play on it due to time/weather. But today is the day! I had so many plans and grand ideas for this week and yet..I've done none of them. Today is my only day off from work besides the weekend and I do have some lofty goals!

Also, I am still catching up on blog posts, but I've made it to January at least! It is my goal to be less than one month behind at the end of the week, so I better start reading.  

School is trucking along, but I'm 100% over it. I'm working with HR to make an internship so I only have three classes to take next semester before I graduate. I have final projects galore that need worked on this week, but man all the time I thought I would have somehow is no longer there. 

Time to spend my day playing ponies!