Sunday, February 1, 2015

And it all falls down..

Ugh. So I kinda disappeared. Dunno if you noticed. But my world got turned upside down.

Wednesday morning I got a knock on my apt door. Some guy handed me court papers. Um, what? Yeah. Apparently my roomate hadn't paid rent. Coooool. The apartment complex was suing us.

Well, I got on his ass in an instant. Everything got paid, and I dont have to go to court. But, my lease is being terminated at the end of Feb. 

I think I found a place to live. Its a cute little house with some girls I know. Fingers crossed it works out.

So this really threw me for an emotional workout. Poor Ries had to suffer without rides because I was so stressed. Everytime I went to the barn I was left a lone with my own thoughts. I wanted to vomit from anxiety. 

I went out to play with my boy today though. He was having a thoroughbred day lol. But I have cute pics. 

He reeaaallly didnt want me to get on. He was pretty much begging me to lunge him. 

But alas, I was able to get on afterwords. He was still wound up so I pretty much just trotted. 

We really werent aiming for a correct frame. I mostly just wanted him to relax. He got so freaking sweaty. A fantastic time to try out my new full body cooler!

Omg. Yes. Ebay came in to save the day! I couldn't find one used, and didn't feel like spending a fortune. Got this one for $37.95 plus shipping. The fleece is thin enough to allow for fast evaporation, but thick enough to keep him warm.

The brand is Derby Originals and I bought it from Tack Whole Sale. Super pleased with the product and had fast delivery! Poor Riesy has such a long back he needed an XL. It's hard when you are 16.2 TB and a blanket size 82/84. 

But that is a catch up on my life. I have some awesome ideas for blog posts. Can winter be over? 


  1. Purple jacket. I swear. Give it here. For finding you the sweet cooler. Both times.

  2. I think it's very smart to not ask for too much on those tense days. I'm with Alyssa, that purple coat is fantastic!

  3. yikes - bummer about the whole roomie situation - good luck with the new place!!! glad you had a fun time with mr reis tho - wild tho he may be :)

  4. So sorry to hear an out the unnecessary stress, fingers crossed all works out with new living sitch *hugs*
    I haven't ridden mine in nearly two weeks and they haven't had turnout all week due to my being ill. I'm hoping they'll forgive me and NOT try to kill me when I can camber back in the tack *gulp*